Gothic Metal

Gothic metal is a kind of metal music that is usually (but not always) uses two vocalists. First female vocal soprano voice, and the second vowel is a vowel male vocal style of black or death metal music (like it so much vocal style called vocal 'Beauty and the Beast'). Lyric-lyrics, most nuanced pagan, gloom, darkness. The flow of music is most popular in Europe, although the number of mainstream fans (the public) is not much.

Famous band in this genre are: Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, Theatre of Tragedy, Lacuna Coil, Trail of Tear


Gothic Metal, Gothic Doom Metal & Gothic-Operatic Power Metal.

Gothic Metal is metal music that is based on guitar riffs like music Thrash / Heavy Metal bermelodi somewhat dim and diadunkan and disadurkan with elements of the keyboard and synth, and lyrics metaphors / poem that leads towards the darkness, gloom and pagans like the band My Dying Bride Paradise Anathema Lost is the band that influences the gothic doom! and then developed by the band sepertiEvereve and Crematory.

Instead of roots music here appears also Gothic Metal Gothic Doom Metal flow and Gothic Operatic Power Metal. Carrier stream music Gothic / Doom which is famous Theatre of Tragedy, they are Gothic Doom Metal band that first introduced the concept of "Beauty and the Beast act" namely the concept that combines singing voice growl as if Death Metal that digandingkan with Mezzo-Soprano voice female singer, sounds a bit loud and heavy guitarnya (Doom). Also Nightwish is the best example of Gothic Operatic Power Metal band that combines music that diadunkan Power Metal with keyboard / synth and lyrics that berlatarkan Gothic and soprano singing a prominent than female singers.

Now quite a lot of confusion arising between the Operatic and Gothic. Operatic Metal is like that taken Therion and Nightwish, which combine elements Symphony Orchestra and Soprano vocals. Gothic female vocals in the flow also more to Mezzo-soprano (ton low tone, as if ordinary singing voice).

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