Collections Of Metal Album

Indo Metal Goth™

Abominant "Conquest" - US Brutal Death
Ataxia "Ataxia" - Indo Gothic
Cannibal Corpse "Gallery of suicide" - Florida Death Metal
Cock And Ball Torture "Opus(sy)VI - Germany Porn Gore (Limited Edition)
Core Sickness "Survival" Indo Hardcore
Corpse "Pathological Rotten" - Bulgaria Grindcore
Drain Of Impurity " Sordid Acts Of Torture" - Austria GoreGrind
Elmeod "In Goth We Trust" - Indo Gothic (Limited Edition)
Fate "No Sense" - France Brutal/Death
Fear Inside "The Victory (Ten Years And Stronger)" - Indo Band
Free Voice " Get Your Free" - Indo Melodicz
Gelgamesh "Episode Of The Serial Murder" - Indo Brutal/Death
In Loving Memory "Aku Adalah Pemimpi" - Indo Gothic Album
Inner War "Inner War" US Death Metal Band
Irate "11:34" - US Brutal Metallic Hardcore
JD-Al-daer "The Life That I Can't Have" - Indo Metallic HC
Katarak " Trapped UnderShade of Cataract Evil Spirit" - Indo Death Metal
Katarak "Ajaran Sesat" - Indo Death Metal Band
Kranda Mayat "Hijab" - Indo Black Metal
Malapert "Sadistic Murdering" - Indo Brutal Death
Mayat "Timoer Democracy" - Indo Brutal Death Metal
Negative Harmony - Corrossion Beneath The Flesh" - Indo Brutal/Death
Proletar "Universal Ideas EP"
Pulverizer "Feasting In Diabolical" - Indo Band
Purgatory "7:172" - Indo Digital Hardcore
Second Of Death "Homiger Minded" - Indo Brutal/Death
Slowdeath "q3ob" - Indo Grindcore"
Trauma "Extinction Of Mankind" - Indo Death Metal (Re Issue Variant Music)


Beauty Symphony #2 "Indonesian Gothic Compilation"
Beauty Symphiny #3 "Indonesian gothic Compilation"
Belantara Gothic "Indonesian Gothic Metal Compilation"
Bleeding Radiations "Grinding Feast Compilation" - Indo uG Comp.
Brutally Sickness "Orgasm Mutilation" - Indo UG Compilation
Deeper Underground #2 "Indo Black/gothic Comp."
Dream Inside "Kembang Kuburan/Past THe Line/Ice Queen" - Indo Gothic 3 Way Split
Devastathor VS Cremated "Split" - Czech/Indo Brutal Death Split
Extreme Brutal Violence #3 "Homicide Sadistic Comp." - Indo UG Kompilasi
Extreme Torment #1 "Various Monstrosity Compilation" - Worldwide Comp.
Extreme Torment #2 "The Most Vile Of Butcheries Comp." - Worldwide Comp."
Gothic Majesty "Indonesian Gothic Compilation"
Hardcore Strike Back "Indonesian Hardcore/Metalcore Compilation"
Horrible Creation "Penghancuran Anatomi Tubuh" - Worldwide Brutal/Death Compilation
Human Temporary "Compilation Pat.1" - Indo UG Compilation
Indonesian Underground #1 - Edelweiss Records Comp.
Indonesian Underground #2 - Edelweiss Records Comp.
Split "Castigation VC Declare War" - Indo VS US Split album
Sumpah Abadi "4 Way Split Black Natural/Edel/Khianat/Zeus - 4 Way Split Gothic Album
The Killers "3 Way Split Decomposed/Infernal Desire/Crime To Murder/Holy Gore"
The Suffered In Grave Nature From Endless Empire "Split Liang Lahat/Monotheism" - Indo Black Metal Split
Vermin Veast On THe Cadaver Vol.1 "What The Fuck With Our Fear" - Worldwide Compilation
Vomitting Hatred "Brutal/Death/Gore/Grind Compilation" - Indo Comp.