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Geboren is a goth band from Bandung - Indonesia, since its establishment in 1996 until now, geboren still exist with gothic music. has five albums in release. geboren have done many good changes of personnel, music and Performace.

Geboren are :
Robbiana : Lead Guitar
Febry Kisyanto : Bassist
Agus Arohman : Guitar
Zaldy Arieftianto : Keyboard
Xxxxx Xxxxxx : Female Vocal
Xxxxx Xxxxxxx : Drums

Home Town :
Bandung - Indonesia

Geboren Albums : 
Track list :
Loh jinawi,
Cold And Empty World,
Pantang mundur(by Titiek Puspa),
Destructor Of Society,
Sleeping With Demon,
Hope To Believe,
End Of The World,
Never Ending Blinded.

  • SMILE OF GOD (2002) 
Track list :
Smile Of God,
Air Mata Dosa,
Hilangnya Mimpi,
Jeritan Hampa,
Geboren Warden(inst),
Energy for Life(inst),
Akhir Keabadian,
Cahaya Kegelapan,
Visible But Untouched,
Obstacle On The Moon

Track list :
Bela Negerimu, 
Bersatulah Negeriku,
Tanpa Arti,
Nyanyian Asa,
God Bless You All,
Pahlawan Negeriku,
The Queen Of Win,
Mentari Kalbu,
Menembus Cakrawala.
Geboren Worden (instrument)

  • HAMPA & GEBOREN LIVE & VCD Special Edition Part # One (2005)
List on the Cd : 
Cold and empty world (Live at Bandung berisik 4),
Jarita Hampa (Fotos),
Obstacle On the moon (live At EP Night Club),
Making of Video,
Cahaya kegelapan (Video Clips),
Nyayian Asa (live at Bandung berisik 4),
Hilangnya mimpi (fotos),
Interview (public opinion & personil opinion),
Energy of live (live at dozen of terror),
History of geboren,
Pantang Mundur & Syukur (medley At bandung berisik 4)
    free Download Albums geboren :
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