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 Seven Dark Eyes is Power Gothic Metal band from Belluno / Treviso, Veneto, Italy, which was formed by Matteo "Pondro" De Mori (bass) and Luca Bulf (guitar) in April 2002.

Seven Dark Eyes terinspirsi of Gothic Metal bands such as Lacuna Coil and The Gathering. Seven Dark Eyes lyrics theme of darkness, desire, and dreams.

Seven Dark Eyes debut album, "Across Oneiric Lands", recorded by producer Tony Fontò and Nick Savio in 2006 in remastered Studios, Vicenza (Italy). Consisting of 9 songs with a total of about 45 minutes.

Album Across Oneiric  Lands achieve success among the fans of Gothic Metal, so the Seven Dark Eyes signed a contract with the label "Underground Symphony".

Seven Dark Eyes has also appeared in several major festivals such as Sunvalley in Rock and Badia Rocks with some great bands like Extrema, White Skull, Raintime, End of Green, Rising Fear, Necrodeath, Brainstorm, and Elvenking.

 Seven Dark Eyes personnel are members of IMIsound (Independent Musicians from Italy).


     * Elena Signoriello - Vocal
     * Fabio Perucchini - Guitar, Vocals
     * Massimo "Max" Cassol [Hollow Haze] - Bass
     * Simone Scardanzan [Hollow Haze] - Keyboard
     * Thomas Manfroi - Drums
Former Personnel:

     * Chiara Viel - Vocal
     * Mary Donadel [Electrojem, Sir Monkey, SBILFS, Violence] - Vocal
     * Monica "Momo" Calvieri [Time] - Vocal
     * Luca Bulf - Guitar
     * Matteo "Pondro" De Mori [Delirium X Tremens] - Bass
     * Christian Tibolla - Keyboard

Across Oneiric Lands (2008) download

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