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Band : Choruse
Title : Sebelum Semua Berakhir
Genre : Black Metal
Country : Bandar Lampung , Indonesia
Years : 2011
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Choruse Black Metal

Biography :
 CHORUSE which means voice, born in Bandar Lampung - INDONESIA on febuary 1997. During the course of his life CHORUSE often changed personnel in because it was not his match in playing music CHORUSE concept at the time, until finally in 1998 with the formation:

ard black jack : guitar
romdhon meverick : bass / vocal
andi 666 : drum

CHORUSE out the first promo tape in 1998 "ALAM KEMATIAN ', then in one after another mini-album (cassette tape) in 2000 bertitle " THE DARK EAST FROM ANDALAS " and participate in several projects KOMPILASI TAPE, after the projects and events -event is followed by CHORUSE, precisely in the year 2004, 666 ANDI (drums) to resign from CHORUSE and with such circumstances it is the end of a long vacuum CHORUSE in UNDERGROUND music scene. during vacuum up material CHORUSE new songs. By the end of August 2008 he signed was YUDHI (guitar) and HENDRY (keyboard) and the additional help of DRUM to continue the journey in music scene and the formation UNDERGROUND CHORUSE at the time:

romdhon meverick : vocal
yudhi silenzo : guitar
ard black jack : bass
sir hendry : keybord
thunder hell : aditional drum

With this formation CHORUSE out his promo CD in March 2009 that title "KETIKA KELAM DI TEPI KEHANCURAN ", but soon after pulled out promo CDs, Ard Black Jack (Bass) up to resign from the band in for a busy in her lead. , In this situation it occurs late in the band formation changes and the formation CHORUSE to date:

romdhon meverick : bass / vocal
yudhi silenzo : guitar
sir hendry : keybord
With this formation Albums CHORUSE issued in the month of december 2009 in CD format (professional cover & CD's) that bertitle " SINGGASANA KEANGKUHAN " released by THE EVIL PRODUCTION one metal label from Bandar Lampung INDONESIA. The concept CHORUSE music EXTEREME TOTAL BLACK METAL.
Choruse Black Metal

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