Music Video (Clips) Victorian Halls "A Crush Is A Crush"

Just a few weeks ago, indie-rock outfit VICTORIAN HALLS was filming the final scenes of their music video in Chicago.  The finished product, featuring the addictive single, “A Crush Is A Crush,” is nothing short of what can be expected from the maniacal pop circus.

Entering (literally) into the mind of his crush, the visually brilliant video, directed by member Carlos Luna, features vocalist Sean Lenart encountering this normally untouched territory, only to embark upon the wildly unexpected – an enormous understatement in itself.

What looks to start out as a boy-meets-girl love story takes a sharp turn with a twisted interpretation on the inner workings of his love interest’s mind.  Once you wrap your head around the cleverly placed, super-sized stuffed animal monster, the equally colossal box robot will leave you in complete awe of what’s taking place right in front of you in a matter of 3 minutes.  The mayhem that ensues may impact people everywhere to think twice before satisfying the hunger to read their crush’s mind.

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