Army Of In Between - Defrag the Earth
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Band : Army Of In Between
Genre : Defrag the Earth
Country : United States of America
Title / Album : Defrag the Earth
Tracklist :
1.    Defrag the Earth  (03:28)    Free Download :
2.    Deities ov the Bestial Path  (03:26)   
3.    ²Kings > 1   (02:04)   
4.    At the Mares ov the Sun    (03:40)   
5.    The Warming    (03:21)   
6.    Gods On Their Thrones    (02:21)   
7.    Effluvium    (03:59)   
8.    1010011010    (00:48)

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Lyric  Army Of In Between - Defrag the Earth


ONE DAY MUSIC (Event / Fest)
Gunung Sulah Event Organizer
Minggu. 17 April 2011
@ Lap Gn Sulah Lampung

Satan Warrior
Gokil ,

Info :

-One Studio
-Romeo Studio
-Tiwana Studio
-Maestro Studio

 CP : 0878 99080405 Erik , 0896 3246 2525 Adhie
 PICT- Dark Princess - We Can Not Fly So High (Lyrics Mp3) 

Mp3 Dark Princess - We Can Not Fly So High :
Details :

Band : Dark Princess
Title / Song : We Can Not Fly So High
Album : Demo 2009
Country : Russian
File Format : Mp3

Dark Princess - We Can Not Fly So High Lyric :
We Can Not Fly So High

When you smile right at my face,
I see only empty space.
When your eyes burn infernal fire, yeah
I feel so alive.

Being beside... There's something wrong!
We can't be a single whole.
Our feels are hide inside.
So can we...

Stay free? Nothing else
Can bring happiness.
But never say: "Goodbye".
We can not fly so high!

Passion in our hearts-
This is all we have for now
Never say: "Goodbye".
We can not fly so high!

Through your flesh I see your heart-
It will never be enough...
My approach you feel in air, yeah
And there is nothing strange.

Cause your soul lives in my veins.
And my breath lives in your plays.
Why we can't be a single whole?.
So can we...

Stay free? Nothing else
Can bring happiness.
But never say: "Goodbye".
We can not fly so high!

Passion in our hearts-
This is all we have for now
Never say: "Goodbye".
We can not fly so high!

Stay free? Nothing else
Can bring happiness.
But never say: "Goodbye".
We can not fly so high!

Passion in our hearts-
This is all we have for now
Never say: "Goodbye".
We can not fly so high!

We can not fly so high!
We can not fly so high!
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Amos - Gothic Metal
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Antichrisis - Melodic Gothic/Black/Folk Metal (early) Medieval Gothic Rock/Folk (later)
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Asmodeus (Swe) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Aspergillus Flavus - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Asphodel - Doom/Death Metal (early) - Gothic Metal (later)
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Asstellyte - Gothic Metal
Asterius - Blackened Symphonic / Gothic Metal
Asthenia - Gothic Metal
Astheria - Gothic Metal
Astral (Cze) - Black/Gothic Metal
Astral Symphony - Gothic Metal
Astrodust - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Asura (Ita) - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Asylum (Hrv) - Industrial/Gothic/Symphonic Black Metal
Asynja - Gothic/Folk/Viking Metal
At Dawn (Deu) - Gothic Rock/Metal with Death Metal and Industrial influences
At Domine - Gothic/Death Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later)
At Infinitum - Gothic Metal
Atanab - Gothic/Death/Black Metal
Atargatis - Gothic Metal
Ate - Extreme Gothic Metal
Atenoux - Symphonic/Gothic/Black Metal
Ater Draconis - Gothic Metal
Athalay - Black/Gothic Metal
Athanor (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Athenia - Gothic Metal
Atis (Rus) - Gothic Metal
Atmosfairy - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Atmosfear (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Atoll Nerat - Gothic Black Metal
Atomica - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Atratus (Tur) - Gothic Metal
Atrocity (Deu) - Death Metal (early), Gothic/Industrial (later)
Atromorta - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Atrox (Nor) - Avant-garde Gothic/Progressive Metal
Augury (Deu) - Gothic/Dark Metal
Aura+ - Gothic Metal/Rock
Auri Sacra - Gothic Metal
Auto-de-Fe - Gothic/Doom Metal
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Autumn (Rus) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Autumn Clan - Gothic Metal
Autumn Dweller - Death/Thrash/Gothic Metal
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Autumn Sun - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Autumn Tenebre - Gothic Metal
Autumn Twilight - Gothic Metal (early), Gothic Rock (later)
Autumnblaze - Melodic Blackened Doom Metal (early), Gothic/Depressive Rock (later)
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Avatar (Bel) - Symphonic Black Metal (early) - Gothic/Black Metal (later)
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Avathar (Aut) - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Avernus - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
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Baron d'Estigny - Progressive Melodic / Gothic Metal
Barona - Gothic Metal
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Batalion d'Amour - Gothic Rock/Metal
Bates Motel (Can) - Gothic Metal
Beautiful Betrayal - Death Metal (early), Gothic/Melodic Metal (later)
Beautiful Darkness - Doom/Gothic Metal with Power Metal elements
Bee - Gothic Metal
Before the Dawn - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Belfry - Gothic/Power Metal
Beltphanath - Doom Gothic Metal
Belyerath - Gothic/Doom Metal
Beneath the Light - Experimental Gothic/Doom Metal with Ambient influences
Beneath Utopia - Death/Gothic Metal
Berserk Inc. - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Beseech - Gothic Metal
Betray My Secrets - Atmospheric Folk Gothic/Doom Metal
Betrayal (USA) - Thrash Metal (1988-1994), Industrial Gothic Metal (1999- )
Betrayed by Life - Gothic Metal
Beu Ribe - Gothic/Black Metal
Beyon-D-Lusion - Gothic Metal
Beyond (Ita) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Beyond Darkness - Traditional / Gothic Metal
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Beyond Salem - Gothic Metal/Darkwave
Beyond Sanity - Gothic/Death/Thrash Metal
Beyond Surface - Gothic Metal
Beyond the Dream - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Beyond the Torchlight - Gothic Metal
Beyond Visions - Gothic Metal
Biaxadent - Gothic Metal
Black & Dark - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Black Aggie - Gothic Metal
Black Azalea - Doom/Gothic Metal
Black Book Members - Gothic/Doom Metal
Black Comedy - Industrial/Gothic/Thrash Metal
Black Countess - Black/Doom/Gothic Metal
Black Dust - Extreme Gothic Metal
Black Elegy - Gothic/Doom Metal
Black Eternity - Gothic Metal
Black Fever - Gothic Doom Metal
Black Harlequin - Gothic Melodic Metal
Black Infinity - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Black Knight Symfonia - Gothic Metal
Black Leaves - Folk/Gothic Metal
Black Natural - Gothic Metal
Black Nazareth - Dark/Gothic Metal
Black Orchid (Aus) - Gothic Metal
Black Prevails - Gothic Metal/Rock
Black Sol - Black/Gothic Metal
Black Sun City - Gothic Metal/Rock
Black Swan (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Black Temple - Industrial/Gothic Metal
Black Thorns - Gothic Black Metal
Black Thorns Lodge - Gothic Metal
Black Twilight (Ita) - Dark/Gothic/Doom Metal
Black Warrior - Melodic Power/Gothic Metal
Black Widows - Gothic Metal
Black Zodiac - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Blackfeather - Gothic Metal
Blackosphere - Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
Blacktank - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Blackthorn (Rus) - Gothic Metal
Blandish - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Bleak Shadows - Doom/Gothic Metal/Rock
Bleeding Tears - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Blessed Are the Sick - Gothic Orchestral Black Metal
Blessed Suicide - Gothic/Doom Metal
Blinded Rain - Gothic/Doom Metal
Bliss (Gbr) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Blood Corps - Gothic Rock/Metal
Blood Runs Deep - Gothic/Doom Metal
Blood Sundae - Gothic/Melodic Metal
Bloodflowerz - Gothic Metal
Bloodforge - Gothic/Doom/Heavy Metal
Bloodparade - Gothic Metal
Bloody Blossom - Gothic/Doom Metal
Bloody Tears (Rus) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Bloody Thorns - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Blue Sound Traffic - Gothic Metal
Blut Formicarium - Black/Gothic/Folk Metal
Blüdd - Gothic Metal
Born in Winter - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Breathe One's Last - Doom/Gothic Metal (early), Gothic/Dark Rock (later)
Breathless (Tha) - Gothic Metal
Broken Hearted - Gothic Metal
Brutalidad Carnal - Black/Gothic Metal
Burning Tears (Chl) - Gothic/Doom Metal
By Blood Alone - Progressive Gothic Metal
C-Rom - Gothic Metal with Electronic influences
Cadaveria (Ita) - Symphonic Gothic/Doom/Black Metal
Cadenz in Black - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Caer Ibormeith - Symphonic Gothic / Black Metal (early), Death Metal with Progressive Rock influences (later)
Caladmor - Folk/Gothic Metal
Calatrilloz - Gothic Metal/Rock
Callahan - Death Metal with Gothic Influences
Calvary (Deu) - Gothic/Death Metal
Canaan (Ita) - Dark Ambient Gothic Metal
Candle Light - Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
Canis Luna - Melodic Dark/Gothic/Electronic Metal
Canonis - Doom Metal (early), Gothic Rock (later)
Cantata Sangui - Black/Doom/Gothic Metal
Capela das Almas - Gothic Metal
Captured Dreams - Gothic Metal
Cardamon - Gothic Rock/Metal
Carmilla Morte - Atmospheric/Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Carnarium - Black/Gothic Metal
Carpatia Castle - Gothic/Doom Metal
Carrier Flux - Industrial Blackened Gothic Metal
Carthago (Deu) - Thrash Metal with Gothic Metal influences
Carthago (Nld) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Carven - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Cascade - Gothic Metal
Cascania - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal
Casket (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Casket Casey - Gothic Metal/Rock
Cassandra Syndrome - Operatic/Gothic Metal
Cataclysmic Avatar - Extreme Gothic Metal
Catafalque (Tur) - Doom/Gothic Metal (early), Atmospheric Gothic Metal (later)
Catamenia - Melodic Black Metal (early), Melodic Death/Gothic Metal (later)
Cathanion - Industrial Gothic / Black Metal (early) Industrial / Ambient with Metal influences (later)
Cathis Ord - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Catwitch - Gothic/Power Metal
Cayne - Gothic Doom Metal
Cele Kula - Gothic Doom Metal
Celesta - Gothic/Doom Metal
Celestial Crown - Gothic / Doom / Black Metal
Celestial Dream (Deu) - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Celestial Melodies - Gothic/Doom Metal
Celestial Scream - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Celtic Frost - Thrash/Death/Black Metal (early), Avant-garde (late 80s), Glam (Cold Lake) Gothic/Doom Metal (2000s)
Cemetary - Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Cemetery of Scream - Doom/Gothic Metal
Cenotaph (Deu) - Death/Gothic Metal
Century Sleeper - Progressive/Gothic/Doom Metal
Céphée Lyra - Gothic Metal
Cephyrius - Gothic Metal
Cerebral Suppression - Black/Death/Gothic Metal
Chalice (Aus) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Channeling - Gothic/Epic Doom Metal
Chant Ancestral - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Chantry - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Chaos Chronicles - Melodic Gothic/Extreme Metal
Chaos Lords - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Chaosphere (Ita) - Black/Death/Gothic Metal
Chapelblaque - Gothic Metal
Charlie Drown - Industrial Thrash/Gothic Metal
Charm Designer - Gothic Metal
Charme - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Charon (Fin) - Gothic Metal
Charon (Hun) - Gothic Death Metal
Chemical Warfare - Death/Thrash Metal with Gothic/Doom Metal influences
Childermas - Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Electronic/Gothic Rock (now)
Children of the Floyd - Gothic Metal
Children of Tragedy - Gothic/Symphonic Groove Metal
Choose Death - Gothic Metal
Chord of Souls - Gothic/Doom Metal
Christ the Insane - Melodic Death Metal with Gothic Influences
Christabel - Gothic/Death Metal with Progressive influences
Chronic (Ita) - Thrash/Gothic Metal
Chrysalis (USA) - Progressive Gothic Metal
Chthonian Alchemy - Gothic/Doom Metal
Circle of Grief - Doom / Gothic Metal with Folk influences
Cirrha Niva - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Ciryam - Progressive/Gothic Rock/Metal
Ciryus - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Ckelinar - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Clair de Lune Morte - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal
Clanraven - Death Metal, Black Metal, Gothic Metal
Clapatria - Gothic/Doom Metal
Clavelklan - Gothic Metal
Claymords - Death Metal with Doom/Gothic Elements
Clayskin - Progressive Gothic Metal
Closed Casket (USA) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Clothes of Death - Gothic Metal
Clouds of Sadness - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Codename:Wingless - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Coffin Fodder - Black/Gothic Metal
Coffin for Mary - Black/Gothic/Doom Metal
Cognitive Experiment - Melodic Black / Gothic Metal
Cold Colours - Atmospheric Death/Gothic Metal
Cold Passion - Gothic/Doom Metal
Colde - Gothic/Melodic Thrash Metal
Colder thy Kiss - Gothic Doom Metal
Coldseed - Gothic/Groove/Industrial Metal
Colleen - Gothic Metal
Comédie Macabre - Symphonic Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
Common Social Phenomenon - Progressive Metal with Gothic influences
Compos Mentis (Dnk) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Con Anima - Dark/Gothic Metal
Concept Chaos - Gothic Metal
Condemnation (Svk) - Melodic Gothic Metal
Confess - Gothic/Doom Metal
Confetti - Gothic/Funeral Doom Metal, Ambient
Confligo - Gothic Folk Metal
Confusion (Pol) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Congestion - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Consecrated - Doom/Gothic Metal
Consensus (Bel) - Gothic Metal
Consummatum Est - Gothic/Funeral Doom Metal
Contrha - Heavy Metal with Doom/Gothic Influences
Coronatus - Gothic Metal
Corvo - Industrial Gothic Metal
Corvus Mortis - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Cosmic Dream - Gothic Metal
Couvertier - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Coventide - Progressive Black/Death/Gothic/Folk Metal
Cracked Corpuscles - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal with Rock influences
Cradle of Filth - Death Metal (early), Symphonic Black Metal (mid), Extreme Gothic Metal (later)
Crafter of Gods - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Crave for Light - Gothic Metal
Creation's Tears - Gothic Metal/Rock
Creatures of Dawn - Gothic/Operatic Metal with Power Metal elements
Credo (Deu) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Crematory (Deu) - Gothic Death Metal (early), Industrial/Gothic Metal (later)
Crepuscular Decadance - Gothic Doom Metal
Crescent Lament - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Cries on Blood - Gothic/Doom Metal
Crimson (Fin) - Heavy/Power/Gothic Metal
Crimson Altar - Gothic Metal, Melodic Heavy Rock
Crimson Black - Gothic Metal
Crimson Garden - Gothic Metal
Crimson Tears (Fin) - Gothic Metal
Crown of Sins - Gothic Metal
Crowned with Black - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Crownless - Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Crucifixion (Bra) - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Crucifixion (Gbr) - Progressive/Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Crucifixus - Gothic/Black Metal
Cruelty of Darkness - Gothic Metal
Cry of Swan - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Crying Memory - Melodic Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Cryptal Darkness - Death Metal/Grindcore (early), Doom/Gothic Metal (later)
Crysalis - Gothic/Black Metal
Crysalys (Ita) - Gothic Metal/Metalcore
Crystal Crow - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Crystal Tears (Ita) - Gothic Doom Metal
Crystallite - Gothic Metal
Cult of Dionysis - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Cult of Shadows - Gothic/Death Metal
Cultus Sanguine - Gothic/Black/Doom Metal
Cursed Life - Gothic Metal
Cyan - Death Metal with Gothic/Industrial Elements
Cybele - Gothic/doom/atmospheric Metal
Cyber Cross - Gothic Metal
Cygnus Rift - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Cynicism - Gothic Metal
Cyril Lepizzera Group Arianrod - Gothic Metal
Cyst (Deu) - Gothic Metal
D'arch - Symphonic Gothic Metal
D'erlanger - Power/Speed Metal (early), Gothic/Pop Rock (later)
D.A.D. - Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Metalcore (later)
Daarchlea - Extreme Gothic Metal
Daedalus (Mex) - Gothic Metal
Daemonia Nymphe - Greek Gothic/Folk
Daeonia - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dagorlad (Bel) - Black / Gothic / Atmospheric Metal
Daimonion (Pol) - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Dakrua - Dark/Gothic Metal
Dakrya - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Dame en Noir - Doom/Gothic Metal with Progressive elements
Damn-Nation - Death/Thrash/Gothic Metal
Dana - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Danain - Gothic Metal
Daniel Lioneye - Stoner Rock (early), Melodic Black/Gothic Metal (later)
Danse Macabre (Bel) - Gothic Metal
Darcanum - Gothic/Dark Metal
Darchaic - Gothic Metal
Dark (Deu) - Death/Thrash Metal (early), Dark/Gothic Metal (later)
Dark Ages (Fra) - Gothic Metal
Dark Autumn (Chl) - Black/Gothic Metal
Dark Cathedral - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Dark Dead Mind - Doom/Gothic Metal
Dark December - Doom/Gothic Metal
Dark Diamonds - Power/Heavy Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Dark Dream (Rus) - Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later)
Dark Eden (Bra) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dark Eden (USA) - Gothic/Black Metal
Dark Embrace (Esp) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dark Erial - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Dark Faces - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Dark Land (Deu) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dark Mirror ov Tragedy - Symphonic Black/Gothic/Death Metal
Dark of Groth - Extreme Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Dark Period - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dark Princess - Gothic Metal/Rock
Dark Sanctuary - Darkwave / Gothic Neoclassical
Dark Secret Love - Gothic Metal
Dark Serenity - Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
Dark Silence (Per) - Black/Doom/Gothic Metal
Dark Society - Death/Thrash Metal with Gothic Influences
Dark Soul Project - Gothic Metal
Dark Tales (Prt) - Gothic Metal
Dark Templar (Chl) - Blackened Gothic Metal
Dark the Suns - Melodic Dark/Gothic Metal
Dark Truth - Gothic Doom Metal
Dark Unfathomed - Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal
Dark Veneris - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Dark Vision - Gothic/Symphonic Black Metal
Dark Whisper (Arg) - Gothic Metal
Dark Winter (Ukr) - Gothic Metal
Dark Yearning - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Dark-N - Gothic Metal
Darken (Deu) - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Darken My Grief - Black/Death/Gothic Metal
Darkest Place - Extreme Gothic Metal
Darklands (Swe) - Gothic / Doom Metal
Darklight (Ita) - Gothic Metal
Darklight (Ita) - Progressive Gothic Metal
Darkness (Idn) - Gothic Black Metal
Darkness Rose - Gothic Metal
Darkseed - Death/Doom Metal (early), Gothic/Heavy Metal (later)
Darkshines - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Darkside of Innocence - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Darkwell - Gothic/Doom Metal
Darrell Deese - Heavy/Gothic Metal, Shred
Darzamat - Symphonic Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Dask - Gothic/Black Metal
David Galas - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dawn of Despair - Gothic Metal
Dawn of Dreams (Aut) - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Dawn of Oblivion - Gothic Metal
Dawn of Solace - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dawn of the Obscene - Death/Black/Gothic Metal
Dawn of Wrath - Gothic/Death Metal
Day of Atonement (Idn) - Gothic Metal
Daylight Misery - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
Daylight Torn (Aut) - Gothic Metal/Rock
Daywalker - Gothic Metal
De Facto - Gothic Metal
De Profundis (Fra) - Gothic Doom/Black Metal
De.mented - Power/Thrash with Gothic elements
Deacons Lodge - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Dead December Wind - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dead Emotions - Gothic/Death Metal
Dead Heart Bleeding - Gothic Doom Metal
Dead Men Dream - Doom/Gothic Metal
Dead Poetry - Death/Gothic Metal (early) / Progressive Metal (now)
Dead Rites - Gothic/Doom Metal/Rock
Dead-end Track - Melodic Gothic Metal
DeadByDay - Blackened Gothic Metal
Deadland - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Deadlight - Melodic Gothic Metal
Deadly Silence - Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
Dear Sinner - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Death in Torture - Gothic Metal
Death Poems - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Deathcamp Project - Gothic Rock/Metal
Deathonator - Death Metal (early), Gothic/Melodic Death Metal (later)
Deathrical - Dark/Gothic Metal
Deathstrokardia - Thrash/Gothic Metal
Decapitated Sheep - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Decay of Humanity - Progressive Death/Gothic Metal
Decay of Mankind - Gothic metal
December's Fire - Orchestral Gothic Metal
December's Silence - Gothic Metal/Ambient
Decembrance - Progressive Metal, Gothic Rock
Deception (Esp) - Death/Gothic Metal
Deceptive Silence - Gothic/Doom Metal
Decline (Esp) - Industrial/Gothic Metal
Decoryah - Gothic Metal
Decrepit Spectre - Avant-Garde Gothic/Black Metal
Deep Cut - Groove/Gothic Metal
Deep Dream - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Deep Inside Myself - Gothic Metal/Rock
Defector (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Deflower Mind - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Deformation Guaranteed - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Dekadenz - Gothic Death Metal
Dekrowned - Doom/Gothic Metal
Delain - Melodic/Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Delicado Sonido del Trueno - Gothic/Doom Metal
Delight - Gothic Metal
Delusion (Pol) - Atmospheric Heavy/Gothic Metal
Delusive Dawn - Gothic Black Metal (early), Death Metal (later)
Delusive Work of Art - Dark Experimental, Gothic Doom Metal
Demas - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal/Gothcore
Demencia Mortalis - Gothic Metal
Demether - Gothic/Power Metal
Demimonde (Cze) - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
Demimonde (Deu) - Thrash Metal with Gothic Influences
Demiurg (Deu) - Gothic Black Metal
Demogorgon (Rus) - Symphonic Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Demon Eyes (USA) - Death Metal with Gothic Influences
Demonia - Gothic Metal
Demonic Symphony - Symphonic Gothic/Heavy Metal
Demonicra - Gothic Black Metal
Demonium (Lie) - Power/Gothic Metal
Demons Make Saints - Thrash/Gothic Metal/Crossover
Demora - Gothic Metal
Dengel - Gothic Metal/Rock
Denia - Gothic Metal
Denight - Gothic Metal
Denigrate - Gothic Metal
Denizen (USA) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Denkishiki Karen Ongaku Shuudan - Neoclassical Power/Gothic Metal
Denun - Gothic/Doom Metal
Denyall - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Departing Dusk - Gothic/Doom Metal
Depressive World - Death/Gothic Metal
Derrame (Prt) - Gothic Metal
Desalento - Gothic Metal
Descanso Eterno - Doom Metal/Gothic Metal
Descension - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Desdemona (Pol) - Gothic Metal (early) - Industrial/Electronic Metal (now)
Desdenia - Doom/Gothic Metal
Desiderium (Nor) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Desire (Fin) - Gothic Metal
Desolate Sun - Gothic/Doom Metal
Desolate Ways - Gothic Metal
Despair's Tiny Things - Doom/Death Metal with Gothic Influences
Despondence - Gothic Metal
Destination: Nowhere - Gothic Metal/Rock
Destroyed Empire - Death/Thrash/Gothic Metal
Deva (Ita) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Deviate Damaen - Gothic Metal/Darkwave
Deviated Tomb - Gothic Metal
Devlin - Darkwave Gothic Doom
Devonian - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Dewian - Melodic Dark Gothic Metal
Dhanyank - Gothic Metal
Dharma (Hun) - Gothic Metal
Dhune - Gothic/Doom Metal (early) / Stoner Metal (Now)
Diableria - Gothic Metal
Diabolique (Swe) - Doom/Gothic Metal/Rock
Diabulus in Musica - Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Diafragma - Death Metal (early), Gothic / Death Metal (later)
Diary of Destruction - Melodic Gothic Metal
Diastone - Melodic Gothic/Heavy Metal
Diathra - Doom/Death Metal (early) - Melodic Gothic Metal (now)
Die for Me - Gothic Metal
Dievotion - Gothic Metal
Difenbachia - Doom/Gothic Metal
Diluvial - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Diluvium - Gothic Rock/Metal
Diminished 7 - Gothic Rock/Metal
Dimlight - Dark/Death/Gothic Metal
DinUmbră - Industrial Psychedelic Metal (early), Gothic Industrial Metal (later)
Dirty Rain - Death Metal (early), Gothic / Doom Metal (later)
Dis Pater - Doom/Gothic Metal
Disbeliever (Ita) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Disdained (Swe) - Gothic Metal
Disgorged (Prt) - Gothic Metal
Disjustice - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Dismal (Bra) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Dismal Euphony - Melodic Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Disorder (Nld) - Black/Gothic Metal
Dispelled - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Dispersia - Gothic/Doom Metal
Disromance - Gothic Metal
Dissolute Paradise - Gothic Metal
Distorted (Isr) - Gothic / Melodic Death Metal with Middle Eastern influences
Distorttion - Gothic Metal
Distress (Fra) - Atmospheric Gothic Metal/Rock
Distrust (Deu) - Dark/Gothic Metal
Divercia - Dark Gothic Progressive Metal
Dividing Line - Gothic Metal
Divination (Aut) - Death/Heavy Metal with Gothic influence
Divine Lust - Gothic Doom Metal
Divine Nightmare - Gothic Metal
Divine Silence - Gothic Metal
Djëvel - Black/Gothic Metal
Do Not Dream - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Dogma (Prt) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Domina In - Doom/Gothic Metal
Domina Noctis - Gothic Metal
Domination Black - Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Doom Tenebras - Gothic/Doom Metal
Down Below - Gothic Metal / Rock
Down in a Hole - Gothic Metal (early), Alternative Rock (later)
Downfall A.D. - Gothic Metal
Downscarred - Gothic Metal
Dr Death - Industrial Gothic Metal
Dr. Salazar - Gothic Metal
Draconian (Swe) - Gothic Doom Metal
Dragonfly (Nld) - Gothic Metal
Dragonflys - Gothic/Death Metal
Dragoria - Black/Gothic Metal
Drakma - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Drama (Esp) - Gothic Metal
Dramatvm - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
DrammaGothica - Gothic Metal
Drastique - Gothic Metal
Drat - Gothic/Heavy/Thrash Metal
Drawn - Psychedelic/Gothic Black Metal
Dread Veil - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Dreadful Shadows - Gothic Metal
Dream Catcher - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Dream Infernal - Gothic Metal
Dream Shell - Melodic Gothic Metal
DreamAge - Melodic Gothic Metal
Dreamer - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Dreamgrave - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dreaming Fairy - Heavy Metal with Gothic Influences
Dreaming Gods - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Dreamlike Horror - Atmospheric Black/Gothic Metal
Dreams of Sanity - Gothic Metal/Rock
Dreams of Tears - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
DreamScar - Gothic/Death Metal/Metalcore
Dremora - Symphonic/Gothic/Opera Metal
Drep - Metalcore with Viking/Gothic Influences
Drop That Head - Thrash Metal with Gothic influences
Drown Me Blue - Gothic/Dark Metal
Drowned in the Darkness - Gothic/Ambient/Death/Doom with Black influences.
Drusus - Gothic Metal/Ambient
Duel of Fate - Gothic/Power Metal
Duma Xesbet - Gothic Metal
Dusk (Pol) - Gothic/Extreme Avant-garde Metal
DXS - Industrial Gothic/Black Metal
Dying Daylight - Gothic Metal
Dying Days - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Dying Fields - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dying Forest - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Dying in Silence - Gothic Metal
Dying Passion - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Alternative Rock (later)
Dying Rose - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dying Tears - Symphonic Gothic/Doom Metal
Dystrophy (Deu) - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Döxa - Melodic/Gothic/Death Metal
E-Lane - Progressive/Gothic Metal
E.D.O.M. - Extreme Gothic Metal
Earthen - Folk/Gothic Metal/Ambient
Eastgoth - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Ebonylake - Gothic/Avant-garde Metal
Eclipse (Bel) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Ecliptic Dawn - Gothic Metal
Ecthalion - Gothic/Doom Metal
Edel - Gothic Metal
Eden in Ruins - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Eden weint im Grab - Gothic Metal
Edenial - Doom/Gothic Metal
Edenlust - Gothic Metal
Ederia - Melodic/Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Eeriness - Gothic Metal
Egrimonia - Black/Gothic Metal
Eidon - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Eilera - Gothic Metal/Rock
Eisenherz - Gothic Metal
Eisheilig - Gothic Metal
El Cuervo de Poe - Gothic Metal
Elanor - Gothic, death/black metal
Elbereth (Esp) - Death Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later)
Eleanor (Jpn) - Gothic Metal
Elegeion - Atmospheric Doom/Gothic/Black Metal
Elegy of Madness - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Elegy of Myself - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Eleidhas - Gothic Metal with Progressive elements
Elevare - Gothic Metal
Elferya - Gothic Metal
Elfica - Gothic Metal
Eli - Gothic Metal
Elis - Gothic Metal
Elishia - Melodic Gothic Metal
Elizium - Doom/Gothic Metal
Ellsbeth - Gothic Metal
Ellyose - Industrial/Gothic Metal
Elmeod - Gothic Metal
Elsewhere - Gothic/Doom Metal
Elvolia - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Elysaeon - Melodic Death / Gothic / Dark Metal
Elysion - Gothic Metal
Embellish - Gothic Metal
Embers Fire - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Embers Left - Doom/Gothic Metal
Embrace - Gothic Metal
Embrace My Ruin - Gothic / Death Metal
Embraze - Gothic/Doom Metal
Embrio (Hrv) - Gothic Metal
Embryon - Gothic/Death Metal
Emorage - Gothic Metal
Emotic Coma - Melodic Gothic Metal
Emotions - Gothic/Doom Metal
Empiria - Progressive Gothic/Black Metal
Emptiness (Grc) - Gothic/Black Metal
Emptiness (Rou) - Gothic/Black Metal
Empty Book - Gothic Metal
Empty Dreams - Gothic Metal
Emyrose - Gothic Metal
En Declin - Gothic/Alternative Metal
En-Garde - Gothic Rock/Metal
Enchained Souls - Melodic Gothic Metal
Enchanted Silence - Atmospheric Dark/Gothic Metal
Enchantment (Esp) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Enchantya - Heavy/Gothic Metal
End (Deu) - Doom/Gothic Metal
End My Sorrow - Gothic Metal with Doom influences
End of Aeon - Gothic Metal
End of You - Gothic Metal
Endaemona - Gothic/Death Metal
Endless (Cze) - Gothic Metal
Endless Autumn - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal
Endless Endgame - Gothic Doom Metal
Endless Grief - Gothic/Dark Metal
Endless Tide - Progressive/Gothic Metal
EndlessNight - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Endtime - Gothic/Doom Metal
Endymaeria - Black/Gothic/Doom Metal
Enjoy - Gothic Metal
Enmessara - Gothic Metal
Enoria - Gothic Metal
Ens Cogitans - Gothic Metal
Enslavement of Beauty - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Ensoph - Gothic Avant-garde Metal
Entalpia - Gothic Metal
Enter Twilight - Melodic Gothic Metal
Entranced - Progressive Gothic/Doom Metal
Entropy (Nld) - Symphonic/Melodic/Gothic Metal
Entwine - Gothic Metal
Entwined (Gbr) - Gothic Metal
Entwined (Ita) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Enuma Elish - Gothic/Power Metal
Envelope - Gothic Metal
Envidhia - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Envy (Fin) - Gothic Metal
Envyra - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Eon (Mex) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Epica (Nld) - Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Epifanor - Heavy Gothic Metal
Epileptica - Gothic Metal
Epitaph (Ita) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Epycenter - Melodic Gothic/Power Metal
Equinoxem - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Erben der Schöpfung - Electro/Gothic Metal
Eregion (Arg) - Neoclassical Gothic/Melodic Metal
Erotic Death - Gothic/Death Metal
Erotic Funeral (USA) - Heavy/Doom Metal with Gothic influences
Errana - Gothic Metal
Erratum - Gothic/Groove Metal
Erszebeth - Gothic Metal
Erynies - Gothic Metal
Escart - Metal/Gothic/Rock
Esenia - Melodic Gothic Metal
Eternal (Col) - Gothic/Death Metal
Eternal Cry - Gothic Metal
Eternal Darkness (Bel) - Gothic Metal
Eternal Dreams - Gothic Metal
Eternal Grieve - Death Metal (early), Dark/Gothic Metal (later)
Eternal Mourning (Prt) - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Eternal Oath (Sgp) - Black Metal (early), Gothic Black/Folk Metal (later)
Eternal Peace - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Eternal Saviour - Gothic Metal
Eternal Scapegoat - Gothic/Doom Metal
Eternal Shade - Gothic/Black Metal
Eternal Tears - Gothic Metal
Eternity Stands Still - Gothic Metal
Eternya - Gothic Metal
Ethereal (Irl) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Ethereal (Prt) - Progressive Gothic/Doom Metal
Ethereal Pain - Gothic Metal
Ethereal Travel (Tur) - Gothic Metal
Etherial Dawn - Gothic Black Metal
Etherna (Arg) - Gothic Metal
Etreum (Esp) - Gothic Metal
Euterpia - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Evangelium - Gothic Doom Metal
Evelyn (Pol) - Gothic/Black Metal
Even Vast - Gothic Metal
Evenfall (Ita) - Death / Gothic / Atmospheric Metal
Evenoire - Gothic/Folk Metal
Eventide (Ita) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Eventide Horizon - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Ever Since - Gothic Metal
Everasia - Gothic Metal
Everdespair - Gothic Metal
EverEve - Gothic Metal
Everfrozen - Gothic/Doom Metal
Evergaze Eternity - Gothic Metal
Everwake (Deu) - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Everwake (Esp) - Gothic Metal
Evictus - Doom/Gothic Metal
Evig Natt - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Evil Bards - Melodic Death Metal with Gothic Influences
Evil One - Gothic Metal (early), Thrash Metal (later)
Evil's Desire - Gothic Metal
Evil's Tears - Gothic Death/Doom Metal
Evillive (Ita) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Evince Ethos - Gothic Metal
Evocation (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Evodia - Gothic/Black Metal
Evoke Thy Lords - Gothic/Doom Metal
Evolucija - Gothic Metal
Ewigheim - Gothic Metal
Ex Animo - Doom Metal (early), Gothic (later)
Ex Libris - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Ex-hortation - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Exaudi - Gothic/Doom Metal
Exception - Gothic Metal
Exchased - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Excubitor Noctis - Gothic Metal
Execution Chamber - Extreme Gothic Metal
Exegesis - Gothic/Dark Metal
EXoluta - Gothic Metal
Exordium (Bra) - Gothic Metal
Exordium Profanum - Gothic Metal
Exorsus - Gothic Metal
Exsecratus - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Exsecror Vecordia - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Extasy (Rus) - Gothic Metal
Extinction (Deu) - Dark/Gothic/Death Metal
Eye of Betrayer - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Eyes of Eden - Gothic Metal
Faceshift - Gothic Metal
Fade to Black - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Faded Hopes - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Faderay - Gothic Metal
Fading Bliss - Gothic/Doom Metal
Fading Serenade - Gothic Metal
Faerghail - Dark Metal, Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Faint Horizon - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Fairyscape - Gothic Metal
Fairytells - Melodic Gothic Metal
Faktorial - Gothic Metal
Fall into Oblivion - Gothic Metal
Fall of the Leafe - Melodic Death/Folk Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Fallen (Fin) - Melodic Gothic Metal
Fallen Seasons - Doom/Gothic Metal
Fallen Sentinel - Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Falling - Black/Gothic Metal
Falling Angels - Gothic/Doom Metal
Falls of Despair - Symphonic Heavy/Gothic Metal
Fanagoria - Gothic Metal
Fantôme - Gothic Metal
Far From Mind - Gothic Metal
Farmer Boys - Gothic Metal
Fateless Tears - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Fearlight - Doom/Gothic (early), Pagan/Folk Metal (later)
FearOfHatred - Gothic Industrial Death Metal
Fearwell - Gothic/Doom Metal
FeedForward - Progressive/Gothic Metal/Rock
Fermata - Heavy / Power / Progressive Metal with Gothic influences
Fields of Jena - Gothic/Dark Metal
Fields of Sorrow - Gothic/Doom Metal
Fiend (Rus) - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Filthy Teens - Gothic Metal/Hard Rock
Filtro Medusa - Gothic Metal
Final Stand - Heavy/Gothic Metal/Neofolk
Fiori di Piombo - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Five Sided Room - Progressive/Gothic/Power Metal
Fleshtone - Gothic/Melodic Metal
Fligiton - Gothic Metal
Flood of Dissonance - Gothic/Funeral Doom Metal
Flor Nocturna - Gothic/Doom Metal
Flowers in Dark - Dark/Gothic Metal
Flowing Crimson - Gothic/Doom Metal
Flowing Tears - Gothic Metal
Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers - Gothic Metal
Fog (USA) - Death/Gothic Metal
Follower - Doom/Gothic Metal
For Everness - Melodic/Gothic Metal
For My Pain... - Gothic Metal
Forbidden Site - Black/Gothic Metal
Foreshadow (Prt) - Doom/Gothic/Heavy Metal
Foreshadowing - Gothic Metal
Forest Stream - Black/Gothic/Doom Metal
Forever Autumn (Deu) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Forever Dusk - Gothic/Black Metal
Forever Embraced - Black/Gothic
Forever Slave - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Forever Sleep - Black/Gothic Metal
Forever Winter (Fin) - Gothic Doom/Death Metal (early), Heavy Metal (later)
Forgive-Me-Not - Gothic Metal
Forgotten Hope - Death/Gothic Metal
Forgotten Lore - Gothic Black Metal
Forgotten Melancholy - Gothic/Doom Metal
Forgotten Souls - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Formørkelse - Atmospheric Black Metal with Gothic Influences
Forsaken Migrator - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Fortaleza (Mex) - Gothic/Power Metal
Fortress of Faith - Gothic Metal
Fountain of Tears - Progressive Gothic Metal
Four Bitches - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Fractal - Gothic Metal
Fractalia - Gothic Metal
Fragile Hollow - Gothic Metal
Fragment of Euthanasia - Gothic Metal
Freak13 - Gothic Metal
Free Fall - Doom/Gothic Metal
Frivolous Stir - Extreme Gothic Metal
From Ashes (Fin) - Blackened Gothic/Doom Metal
From the Waters of Lake - Gothic Death Metal
Frostburn - Gothic Metal
Frown - Gothic Metal
Frozen Abyss - Gothic/Doom Metal
Frozen Caress - Ambient/Gothic/Doom Metal
Frozen Dusk - Gothic Metal
Frozen Mist - Gothic Metal (2004-2006), Dark Melodic Metal (2006-2010), Pagan Black Metal (2010-)
Frozen Rhapsody - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Frozen Tears (Chl) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Frozen Tears (Rus) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Frozen Time (Fra) - Gothic Metal
Fruit Tree - Gothic Metal
Full Moon Addiction - Doom/Gothic Metal
Fullmoon (Rus) - Gothic Metal
FullMoon's Insignia - Black/Gothic Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later)
FullMoonChild - Gothic Metal
Funeral (Fin) - Death/Gothic Metal
Funeral (Nor) - Funeral Doom/Death, Gothic/Doom Metal
Funeral of the Sun - Blackened Gothic/Doom Metal
Fusion of Souls - Gothic Metal
Fusnota - Gothic Metal
Gaia (Kor) - Gothic/Folk Metal
Gaias Pendulum - Gothic Metal
Galahad (Fra) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Gallery of Dreams - Gothic Doom Metal
Gallery of Lore - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Gallows Eve - Extreme Gothic Metal
Gallows Hill - Gothic Metal/Hard Rock
Galvanic - Atmospheric Industrial/Gothic Metal
Gandillion - Symphonic/Progressive Gothic Metal/Rock
Garden of Autumn - Gothic/Doom Metal
Garden of Eden (Hun) - Gothic Metal
Gardeniathan - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Gardens of Cry - Gothic Metal
Gardens of Gehenna - Gothic/Doom/Death/Industrial Metal
Garland - Melodic Doom/Gothic Metal
Gate (Can) - Gothic Metal
Gate of Sorrow - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Gates of Dawn (Deu) - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Gates of Eden - Gothic Metal with Middle Eastern influences
Gathering of Destiny - Doom/Gothic Metal
Ge-Hinnom - Black/Gothic Metal
Gelap - Progressive Gothic Metal
Gerhana Total - Black/Gothic Metal
Getsemani - Gothic Metal
Ghost Orgy - Doom/Gothic Metal
Ghostnail - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Giants' Dance - Gothic Metal
Giltine's Gintaras - Folk/Gothic Metal
Gladius Noctis - Progressive Neoclassical Gothic Metal
Gladness - Gothic Metal
Gloom (Svk) - Gothic Metal
Gnais - Gothic/Doom Metal
Goatron - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Godiva (Prt) - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Godless (Idn) - Black/Gothic Metal
Godless Beauty - Black/Gothic Metal
Gods' Sin - Gothic/Doom Metal
Godyva - Gothic Metal
Gog Magog - Gothic Metal
Golden Dawn - Extreme Gothic Metal
Gondho Mayit - Gothic/Black Metal
Gone Sadness - Doom/Death, Gothic Metal
Gore's Romance - Gothic/Black Metal
Goresleeps - Gothic Metal
Gorlab - Progressive Gothic Metal
Gorthall - Gothic Metal
Gostwind - Heavy/Gothic/Folk Metal
Goth Romance - Melodic Gothic Metal (early), Rock/Metal (later)
Gothic (Rou) - Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later)
Gothic Sky - Gothic/Black Metal
Gracefallen - Dark/Gothic Metal
Grand Failure - Death/Black/Gothic Metal
Grandmother Is Dead - Experimental Doom/Gothic Metal
Grave Flowers - Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
Graven (Rou) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Graveworm (Ita) - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Graviora Manent - Death/Thrash/Doom Metal (early) - Gothic Metal (later)
Grayscale - Gothic Metal
Greedy Invalid - Gothic Metal
Green Carnation - Gothic/Progressive Metal/Rock
Green Division - Gothic/dark Metal
Grey November - Funeral Doom Metal/Gothic/Darkwave
Greyswan - Dark / Gothic Metal
Grief's Exquisite Veil - Gothic/Doom Metal
Griffin L.O.G. - Gothic Metal
Grimegod - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Grimfaith - Gothic/Doom Metal
Grinning Shadows - Gothic/Black Metal
Ground Zero (Ita) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Groundswell - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Gruff - Melodic Death Metal with Gothic influence
Gruzom - Gothic/Progressive Metal/Rock
Grämlich - Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
Grøde - Gothic Metal
Guaho - Gothic Metal
Guardinals - Gothic Metal
Gyöngyvér - Dark Rock (early), Gothic Metal (later)
H24 - Gothic/Avant-garde Metal
Hada De Beng - Gothic Metal
Hagall (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Halach - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Halflife - Gothic Metal
Hallows End - Gothic Metal
Halls of Mandos - Gothic/Black Metal
Halo of Thorns - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Hand of God (Grc) - Gothic Metal
Hanging Doll - Melodic/Dark/Gothic Metal
Hanging Garden (Fin) - Death/Gothic Metal with Doom Influences
Hanom - Gothic Black Metal
Háras - Gothic Metal
Haria - Gothic Metal
Hate's Symphonies - Gothic Metal
Haunting Chants - Gothic Metal
Haunting Eden - Gothic Metal
Havayoth - Gothic Metal
Haven (Ita) - Gothic Metal
Haven Denied - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Haxema - Gothic Metal
Hazael - Death Metal (early), Doom/Gothic Metal (later)
HDK - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Heaven Grey - Gothic / Doom Metal
Heavenless - Gothic Metal/Rock
Heavenlust - Gothic Metal
Heavenly Bride - Power Metal (early), Symphonic Gothic Metal (later)
Heavenside - Gothic Metal
Heavenwood - Gothic Metal
Hefeystos - Black/Gothic Metal (early), Avant-garde Rock (later)
Helevorn - Doom/Gothic Metal
Hellblazer (Tur) - Gothic Metal
Hellimunan - Depressive Gothic/Doom Metal
Hellzigurath - Gothic Metal
Hemacy - Gothic Metal
Hemera - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Hemifonia - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Her Warm Blood - Gothic/Doom Metal
Heralder - Epic/Gothic Metal
Hereafter (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Herjalf - Viking/Doom/Gothic Metal
Herlathing - Gothic/Dark Metal
Hermh - Black/Gothic/Atmospheric Metal (early), Symphonic Black Metal (later)
Hermit Age - Death / Doom / Gothic Metal
Hexenhammer (Rus) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Hidden in Eternity - Symphonic Doom/Gothic/Black Metal
Hiholl - Gothic/Doom Metal
Hills and Black Woods - Doom/Gothic Metal
Hills of Eternity - Gothic/Doom Metal
Hiraedd - Progressive Gothic/Doom Metal
Hixi - Gothic Black Metal
Hodah - Gothic Doom Metal
Hollow Scorn - Doom/Gothic Metal
Holy Cross (Bra) - Heavy/Gothic Metal (early), Epic/Neo-classical Metal (now)
Holy Guardian Angel - Gothic Metal
Homoferus - Gothic/Symphonic Black Metal
Hora Suprema - Doom/Gothic Metal
Horrida - Gothic Metal
Horus (Hnd) - Dark/Gothic Metal
Hostile Calm - Gothic Metal
Hovercraft - Doom/Gothic Metal
How Like a Winter - Gothic/Doom Metal
Howling Syn - Gothic Metal with Medieval Influences
HSK - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Human Eve - Progressive Gothic Metal
Hunting Cross - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Hydria - Gothic Metal
Hydrogen - Thrash Metal with Hardcore and Doom/Gothic influences
Hyena (Grc) - Symphonic Folk/Gothic Metal
Hypnotic Waltz - Gothic Metal
Häxan (Arg) - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
I Miss My Death - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
I'mmortal - Gothic/Doom Metal
Ibid Hagnoi - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Iblis Levanah - Progressive Gothic Metal
Ice Edges - Power/Gothic Metal
Ice Queen - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Iced Warm - Dark/Gothic/Doom Metal
Icon (Ita) - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Iconoclast (Phl) - Gothic Doom Metal
Ictus Mortis - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Ideas - Melodic Doom/Gothic Metal
Idillicah - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Idyll ov Ghosts - Gothic Metal/Rock
Ifyouarealone - Gothic Doom Metal
Ignis Æterni - Black/Gothic/Industrial Metal
Igzorn - Gothic Metal
Ikarian - Gothic Doom Metal
Illuminandi - Gothic Metal
Illuminata - Melodic Power/Gothic Metal
Illusions (Mex) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Iluminato - Gothic Metal
Immaconcept - Doom/Death Metal, Gothic Metal
Immortal Angelica - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Immortal Slave - Gothic Metal
Immortalis Machina - Dark/Gothic/Doom Metal
Imperia - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Imperial (Bra) - Gothic Metal
Impromtus Ad Mortem - Gothic Metal
In Art - Gothic metal
In Dementia - Gothic/Death Metal
In Eternum (Arg) - Gothic/Doom Metal
In Grey - Gothic/Doom Metal
In Heaven (Grc) - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
In Human Memories - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal
In Loving Memory (Idn) - Gothic/Doom Metal
In Memoriam (Idn) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
In Morpheus' Arms - Gothic/Progressive Metal
In Mourning - Gothic Metal (early), Progressive Melodic Death Metal (later)
In Peccatum - Heavy/Progressive, Doom/Gothic Metal
In Perpetuum - Gothic Metal
In Silentio Noctis - Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
In Tears Bereaved - Melodic Death Metal with Thrash/Gothic Influences
In Tenebra - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
In the Colonnades - Gothic Rock/Heavy Metal (early) Death 'n' Roll (later)
In the Image Of - Progressive/Gothic/Doom Metal
In the Mist (Swe) - Gothic Metal/Rock
In This Pain - Gothic Metal
In Viro - Industrial Gothic Metal
In.verno - Progressive Gothic Metal
Incarceri 9 - Doom/Gothic Metal
Incassum - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Incendium (Fin) - Melodic Death Metal (early), Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal (later)
Incerse - Black/Gothic Metal
Incoming - Death/Gothic/Mallcore
Incoming Chaos - Gothic Metal
Indian Fall - Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal (early), Atmospheric Death/Black Metal (later)
Indicium - Melodic Death/Doom/Gothic Metal (early), Thrash/Heavy Metal (now)
Indigo Child - Gothic Metal
Indrâzor - Atmospheric Black/Death Metal (early), Progressive/Gothic Rock (later)
Inertia (Esp) - Gothic/Death Metal
Inferialis - Gothic/Doom Metal
Infernalis Auditorium - Gothic/Death/Black Metal
Inferno (Ukr) - Thrash Metal (1994-1996), Gothic/Black Metal (1996-2000), Gothic Metal (2000-)
Infernorama - Heavy/Progressive/Gothic Metal
Infestus (Ven) - Gothic Metal
Infinite Dawn (Nld) - Gothic Metal
Infinite Winter - Gothic Metal
Inflammatory (Deu) - Gothic Death Metal
Inhepsie - Gothic/Atmospheric Metal
Inherself - Doom/Gothic Metal
Inhuman (Prt) - Gothic Metal
Inmortal - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Inner Fear (Cze) - Extreme Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Inner Sanctum (Deu) - Gothic/Dark Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (later)
Inner Shrine - Gothic Metal
Innerbeauty - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Innertheatre - Melodic Gothic Metal
Innocens - Gothic Metal
InScape - Gothic Metal
Insert Remedy - Gothic/Melodic/Alternative Metal
Inside (Ita) - Progressive Death/Gothic Metal
Inside You - Doom/Gothic Metal
Instantia Mortum - Gothic Black/Doom Death
Interitus (Rou) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Interitus Dei (Rou) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Into the Void (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Invading Chapel - Gothic/Dark Metal
InVersus (Ukr) - Gothic Metal
Iquista Fíriel - Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
Irij - Folk Doom Metal/Gothic Metal
Irrlicht (Aut) - Black/Gothic Metal
Isilma - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Isiphilon - Gothic Metal
Ismini - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Ius Primae Noctis - Gothic Metal/Rock
Ivana d'Arc - Power Metal with Symphonic/Gothic Influences
Izmair - Gothic Metal
J.T.R. Sickert - Industrial/Gothic Metal
Jack's Family - Progressive Power/Gothic Metal
Jadallys - Gothic Metal
Jangli Jaggas - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Jenesais Quoi - Gothic Metal
Jennie Tebler - Gothic Metal
Jennie Tebler's Out of Oblivion - Gothic Metal
Jerémie - Gothic Metal
Jezebel Bang - Gothic/Heavy Metal
John Dee - Heavy/Gothic/Power Metal
Joint Depression - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Juliens - Gothic Metal
Justified - Melodic Gothic/Heavy Metal
Kabul - Melodic Death/Thrash with Gothic influences
Kaiser (Che) - Gothic Metal
Kalögena - Death/Thrash Metal wih Gothic influences (early), Thrash Metal/Punk (later)
Kamar Mayat - Gothic/Black Metal
Kamilla - Gothic Metal/Rock
Karbonsoul - Gothic Metal
Karcinoma - Gothic/Power Metal
Karelia - Symphonic Heavy/Power Metal (early), Gothic/Industrial Metal (later)
Karma (Prt) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Karmic Link - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Katanga - Gothic Metal
Katharsis (Deu) - Progressive Dark/Gothic Metal
Kathastrophobia - Doom/Gothic Metal
Katma Kin - Black/Gothic Metal
Katra - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Kayzen - Epic Gothic Metal
Kedaton - Gothic Metal
Keen (Ita) - Gothic/Industrial Metal
Kefren - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Keltgar - Gothic / Death / Doom Metal
Kembang Kuburan - Gothic Metal
Kemet - Doom/Gothic Metal
Kemper - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Kerin Amroth - Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal
    Kerix - Gothic Metal
Kesurupan - Black/Doom/Gothic Metal
KeyDragon - Epic Gothic Metal
Keys of the Light - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Khael - Gothic Metal
Khaliyeh - Gothic Metal
Khasm - Gothic/Black Metal/Traditional Heavy Metal
Khianat - Gothic Metal
Killers by Trade - Gothic Metal with Punk influences
Killset - Gothic/Thrash/Groove Metal
Kingfisher Sky - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Klinika (Ukr) - Gothic Metal
KLV - Experimental/Gothic Rock/Doom/Black Metal/Noisecore
Kokumaromilk - Experimental Gothic/Power Metal
Kokuyasou - Gothic/Power Metal
Koma (Rus) - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Korigans - Gothic/Symphonic Power Metal
Korvus - Gothic/Black Metal
Kowai - Gothic Metal
Kratos (Rou) - Gothic Metal
Krepuskule - Dark/Gothic Metal
Krestenta - Gothic Metal
Krypteria - Gothic/Power Metal
Krystal Dust - Power/Gothic Metal
Kundalini - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Kyla Moyl - Gothic Metal
Kynesis - Gothic Metal (early), Post-Metal (later)
Kyrie Eleison (Chl) - Doom/Gothic Metal
L'Endeví - Gothic Metal
La Chambre Ardente - 'Black'/Gothic Metal
La Setta - Gothic/Doom Metal
La-Ventura - Gothic Metal
Labyrinthus Noctis - Gothic/Doom Metal
Lachaise - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Lachrimae - Gothic Metal
LackadAisical - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Lacrima (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Lacrimae Obscurum - Gothic/Black Metal
Lacrimas Profundere - Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Gothic Rock (later)
Lacryma Christi - Black/Gothic Metal
Lacrymae (Prt) - Heavy/Doom/Gothic Metal
Lacuna Coil - Gothic Metal/Rock (early), Alternative Rock (later)
Lacus Mortis (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Lady Sadness - Gothic Metal
Lady Winter - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Lago Gris - Gothic Metal
Lagrimas Negras - Gothic Metal
Lahmia - Thrash/Death/Gothic Metal
Lahylat - Gothic Metal
Lake of Tears (Swe) - Progressive/Doom/Gothic Metal
Lake of Tears (Ven) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Lamentglace - Gothic Metal
Laments of Silence - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Lamia Tenebrae - Gothic Metal
Land of Charon - Gothic Dark/Death Metal
Land of Frost - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Landing - Gothic Metal
Lands of Past - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Landscape of Souls - Gothic Metal
Lanewin - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Langret - Gothic/Black Metal
Lashing Ether - Gothic Metal/Doom Rock
Last Majesty - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Last Minute - Gothic Metal
Last Restraint - Atmospheric Death/Gothic Metal
Lateless - Gothic Metal
Latemheim - Gothic Metal
Latterday Saints - Gothic Metal
Laudany - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Layment - Gothic Metal
Le Cri du Mort - Gothic Metal
Leaves - Gothic Doom/Death (early), Gothic Metal/Rock (later)
Leaves of Lothlorien - Gothic/Black Metal
Leaves' Eyes - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Lebenssteuer - Industrial/Gothic Metal
Lebewohl - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Legacy of Past - Gothic Metal
Legenda (Fin) - Dark/Gothic Metal
Leguano - Heavy Metal with Gothic influence
Leichenbrand - Experimental Gothic/Black Metal
Leicohtica - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Leiden - Gothic/Industrial Metal
Lemenya - Gothic Metal
LeonÄvicario - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Les Ténèbres - Gothic/Doom Metal
Let It Flow - Gothic/Doom Metal
Let Me Dream - Gothic/Doom Metal
LethalBlow - Gothic/Black Metal
Levania - Gothic Metal
Leviathan (Idn) - Gothic Metal
Leviathane - Melodic Gothic Metal
Lexall - Ambient/Black/Gothic Metal
Liūnuosna - Gothic Metal
Liatris - Gothic Metal/Progressive Metal
Lied D'Anima - Gothic Metal
Lies Are All You Have - Atmospheric/Industrial Gothic Doom
Life After Death (Idn) - Gothic Metal
Lifewood - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Lightless Moor - Gothic/Doom Metal
Like a Gossamer - Gothic/Doom Metal
Lilith (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Lilith (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Lilith's Child - Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
Lilitu - Gothic Metal (early), Melodic Black Metal (later)
Liminal - Melodic/Progressive Death/Gothic Metal
Liquid Fever - Gothic Metal
Liquid Sky - Gothic/Dark Metal
Litia - Gothic/Doom Metal
Little Dead Bertha - Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Symphonic Melodic Death/Black Metal (now)
Liturgy of Decay - Gothic Metal
Liv Kristine - Folk/Gothic, Gothic Rock
Liveevil - Electronic/Gothic Metal
LochNess (Pol) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Lonesome October - Gothic Metal
Long Gone Daddies - Gothic Metal
Longed for Fusion - Dark/Doom/Gothic Metal
Lord Kol - Doom/Gothic Metal
Lord Vampyr - Symphonic Black Metal (early), Industrial/Gothic Metal (later)
Lords of the Manor - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
LordSphere - Progressive Gothic Metal
Lorien (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Lost Dreams in Fear - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Lost Effect - Gothic Metal
Lost Emotions - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Lost in Dreams - Gothic Metal
Lost in Madness - Power/Gothic Metal
Lost in Tears - Gothic Metal
Lost in Twilight - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Lost Infinity - Gothic/Black Metal
Lost Soul (USA) - Gothic Metal
Love After - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Love Lies Eternal - Gothic/Doom Metal
Love's Labour's Lost - Gothic Metal
Lovelorn (Ita) - Gothic Metal
Lucian Scott - Gothic/Death Metal
LucyFire - Gothic Metal/Rock
Lugosi - Gothic Black Metal
Lugubria - Dark/Extreme Gothic Metal
Lullacry - Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal
Lumina - Gothic Metal
Luminaria - Gothic Metal
Lumine Criptica - Gothic Metal
Luminus - Extreme Gothic Metal
Luna (Idn) - Gothic Black Metal
Luna Aeterna - Gothic Metal
Luna Martyr - Gothic Metal
Luna Obscura - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Lunar Gate - Atmospheric Gothic/Black Metal
Lunar Path - Gothic Metal
Lunarin - Progressive/Gothic Metal
LunarVein - Gothic Rock/Metal
Lunatenebra - Gothic/Symphonic/Progressive Metal
Lunatica - Atmospheric Melodic Gothic Metal
Lupercalia - Blackened Gothic Metal
Lurid Display - Gothic/Death Metal
Lust Embrace - Gothic Metal
Lust for Oblivion - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Lusus Naturae - Gothic/Black Metal
Lux in Tenebris - Melodic Gothic/Death Metal
Lux Incerta - Gothic/Doom Metal
Luzabril - Gothic Metal
Lvx in Tenebris - Extreme Gothic Metal
Lyrae - Progressive Gothic Metal
Macbeth (Ita) - Black/Gothic Metal
Machina Deus Ex - Gothic/Heavy/Progressive Metal
Madrigal (Swe) - Melodic Death / Gothic
Maelstrom (Ita) - Black/Gothic Metal (early), Death Metal (later)
Maelström (Bra) - Progressive Gothic/Dark Metal
Magılum - Gothic Metal
Maggot Colony (Esp) - Death Metal (early), Progressive Gothic Metal (later)
Magion - Symphonic Gothic/Power Metal
Magnifiqat - Gothic/Folk Metal
Majeste Simphonia - Gothic/Black Metal
Majesty of Silence - Dark Gothic Metal
Maldición (Chl) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Maledetti Draconi - Gothic Metal
Maledia - Gothic Metal
Maledicta (Ita) - Alternative/Death/Gothic Metal
Malencolie - Dark / Gothic Metal
Malevolence (Prt) - Melodic Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Malice (Idn) - Gothic Black Metal
Malicious Conspiration - Black/Death/Gothic Metal
Malinconia - Gothic Doom Metal
Malkuth (Hrv) - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Malmonde - Gothic death/thrash with industrial elements
Malombra - Heavy/Gothic Metal, Progressive Metal/Rock
Mandragora (Pol) - Gothic/Black Metal
Mandragora Scream - Gothic / Dark Metal
Mandrake (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Mandylion (Deu) - Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal
Manic Movement - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Manifestium - Gothic/Death Metal
Manomomicron - Black/Gothic Metal
Manuscript - Gothic/Death Metal
Marble Arch - Gothic/Atmospheric Metal
Margenta - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Maria Escarlata - Gothic Metal
Markize - Gothic Metal
Marsyas - Gothic Metal
Martyrium (Bra) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Mary-Ann - Gothic Metal/Rock
Masque of Innocence - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal (early), Black/Death Metal (later)
Mater Deva - Gothic Metal
Matutina - Gothic Metal
Maudite Asmodée - Gothic Metal
Meander - Gothic Metal
Medebor - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Meden Agan - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Medianoche - Gothic Metal/ Rock
Medieval Art - Medieval Gothic Metal
Melancholy (Pol) - Atmospheric/Gothic Metal
Melancholy (Rus) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Melandrolia - Progressive Doom/Dark/Gothic Metal
Melatonin - Orchestral Gothic/Progressive Metal
Melencolia - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Melliae - Gothic Metal
Mely - Gothic Metal
Memoira - Gothic Metal
Memoria (Cze) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Memoria Mortis - Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Progressive Rock/Fusion (later)
Memorial (Bra) - Gothic Metal
Memorial Day - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Memorial Park - Gothic Melodic Metal
Memorium (Swe) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Mena Brinno - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Menagerie - Gothic/Progressive Metal/Rock
Mental Oppression - Industrial/Gothic Metal
Menzia - Gothic Metal
Mephisto (Cub) - Gothic/Black Metal
Mercenary (Isr) - Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
Mercury Eye - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Mercury Rain - Gothic/Opera Power Metal
Meridian (Aus) - Gothic Metal
Merit - Gothic Metal
Mescarbonic - Gothic Metal
Metal Acid Test - Stoner/Gothic Metal
Metamorphosis (Pol) - Doom/Gothic Metal, Black/Dark Metal
Metatron (Nld) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Mictian (Deu) - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Mid Autumn Nights - Gothic Metal
Midian (Pol) - Black/Gothic Metal
Midnattsol - Gothic/Folk Metal
Midnight Caine - Atmospheric/Gothic Metal
Midnight Dirge - Gothic/Doom Metal
Midnight Reign - Power/Thrash/Gothic Metal
Midnight Scream (Grc) - Black/Death/Gothic Metal
MidnightDate - Gothic Metal
Midwinter (Fra) - Gothic Metal
Millennium (Prt) - Gothic Metal
Mimesis - Gothic Metal
Mind Blast - Doom/Gothic Metal
Mindfield (Deu) - Gothic/Melodic Metal
Mindrape - Black/Thrash/Gothic Metal
Mindshade - Gothic Metal
Minimal Essence - Gothic Metal
Mirror's End - Folk/Gothic Metal/Rock
Mirrored in Secrecy - Gothic Metal
Mirzadeh - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Misera Venus - Gothic/Doom Metal
Misericordia (Fra) - Gothic Metal
Misericordia (Ita) - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal
Mishere - Gothic Rock/Metal
Misleading Ways - Symphonic Dark/Gothic Metal
Misterio (Ecu) - Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Misterium (Pol) - Pagan/Folk/Gothic Metal
Mistery Cold - Dark/Gothic Metal
Misticona - Gothic Metal
Mistralth - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Mistyland - Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal
Mithril (Hun) - Gothic Metal
Mizantropia - Extreme Gothic Metal
Mjölnir (Nld) - Atmospheric Gothic/Dark Metal
Modern Funeral Art - Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
Moi dix Mois - Gothic Metal
Moksa - Gothic Metal
Moment After Scarlet - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Monastery (Gbr) - Death Metal (early), Gothic/Industrial Rock (later)
Monasteryum - Gothic Metal
Mondragon - Gothic/Folk Metal
Monoblock - Gothic Metal
Mons Lvnae - Black/Folk/Gothic Metal
Monumentum (Ita) - Dark / Doom Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Moon Art - Gothic/Black Metal
Moon Halo - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Moon Lore - Ambient/Black Metal, Gothic Metal, Electronica
Moon of Gaïa - Post-Thrash/Gothic Metal
Moon Whispers - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Moondust - Gothic Metal
Moongarden - Gothic Metal
Moonlight (Arg) - Gothic/Extreme Metal
Moonlight (Pol) - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Moonlight Awakening - Gothic Metal
Moonrain - Gothic Metal
Moonshine (Kor) - Melodic Black Metal (early), Extreme Gothic Metal (later)
Moonspell - Folk/Black Metal (early), Gothic / Extreme Metal (later)
Moonworshipper - Black Metal (early), Heavy/Doom/Gothic Metal (later)
Morak - Gothic/Black Metal
Morante - Gothic Metal
Moratorium (Swe) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Morbid Lust (Prt) - Thrash Metal (early) / Gothic Metal (later)
Morbydia - Gothic/Doom Metal
Mordaz (Col) - Gothic Metal
Mordeen - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Mordor (Pol) - Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic Rock (later)
Mordorn - Black/Gothic Metal
Morgana's Kiss - Gothic Metal
Morgenröte - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Morgenstern (Bra) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Morian - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Moriarti and the Sith - Gothic Metal
Morion (Bgr) - Gothic Metal
Morning After - Gothic Metal
Morphine Killer - Gothic Metal
Morphium - Gothic/Death Metal
Mortal Love - Gothic Metal
Mortalia - Gothic Metal
Mortalium - Doom/Gothic Metal
Mortemia - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Mortis Causa - Gothic/Black Metal
Mosh Baby - Experimental Gothic/Industrial Metal
Mother Depth - Gothic/Doom Metal
Motus Deus - Progressive Gothic Metal/Atmospheric Rock
Motus Tenebrae - Gothic/Dark Metal
Mramor - Gothic/Black Metal
Murkrat - Doom/Gothic Metal
My Black Light - Gothic Metal
My Craving - Gothic Metal with Rock influences
My Dark Mind - Gothic/Doom Metal
My Darkest Time - Doom/Gothic Metal
My Dawn - Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal
My Deception - Gothic Metal
My Dying Bride - Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later)
My Edelweiss - Gothic Metal
My Forgotten God - Gothic/Doom Metal
My Funeralmarch - Gothic/Doom Metal
My Inner Burning - Melodic Gothic/Heavy Metal
My Insanity - Gothic Metal
My Life's Despair - Atmospheric Doom/Gothic Metal
My River - Doom/Gothic Metal
My Severance - Gothic Metal
My Shadow - Doom/Gothic Metal (early), Melodic Black Metal (later)
My Silent Wake - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
My Sixth Shadow - Gothic Metal
My Sweet Torment - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
My Thrusting Crown - Black/Gothic/Doom Metal
My Tide - Gothic/Doom Metal
Myraeth - Doom/Gothic Metal
Myrah - Gothic Metal
Myriads - Blackened Gothic Metal
Mysteria (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Mysterian - Gothic/Ambient/Neoclassical Metal
Mysterium (Prt) - Gothic/Doom/Heavy Metal
Mystherium - Gothic Black Metal
Mystical (Fra) - Gothic/Death Metal
Mystika - Gothic Metal
Mythica - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Mythus - Death/Gothic Metal (early), Medieval Gothic Metal (later)
N.A.O.S. - Atmospheric/Gothic/Darkwave
Nadir (Esp) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Nadir (Grc) - Gothic Metal
Nameless One - Power Metal with Gothic and Doom influences
Naos - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Nargathrond - Ambient/Black Metal (early) - Gothic Metal (later)
Nasson - Progressive Metal/Hard Rock with Gothic Influences
Nataly Kruger - Gothic Metal
Natha - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Native FX - Electronic Gothic/Death Metal/Rock
Natt (Nor) - Gothic Metal
Nattaravnur - Dark/Gothic Metal
Nattvind - Melodic Gothic Metal
Naturaleza Muerta - Gothic Metal
Naturemorte - Gothic Metal
Naven - Doom/Gothic Metal
Near Dark (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Necroberus - Gothic Metal
Necromance (Deu) - Death Metal (early), Gothic/Industrial Metal (later)
Necrosist - Gothic/Death/Thrash Metal
Neferion - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Nefilim - Industrial Death/Gothic Metal
Nehyam - Gothic/'Black' Metal
Nemain - Gothic Black Metal/Darkwave
Nemesea - Symphonic Gothic Metal (early), Gothic Rock (later)
Nemesis (Deu) - Gothic/Death Metal
neNasty - Dark Doom/Gothic/Industrial Metal
Nenia (Ita) - Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Dark Ambient (later)
Neolithic - Doom Metal (early) - Progressive Gothic Metal (later)
Neon Dream - Gothic Metal
Nephilim (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Nereïde - Gothic Metal
Neronoia - Dark Ambient/Gothic Metal
Nessun Dorma - Power/Gothic Metal
Nessun Dorma - Gothic Metal
Neurasthenie - Death / Black Metal with Gothic influences
Neurothymia - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Never Comes Silence - Gothic Metal
Never Ending Beauty - Gothic Metal
NeverDie (Rus) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Nevergreen - Doom/Gothic Metal
Nevetherym - Progressive Gothic/Doom Metal
New Dawn Foundation - Melodic Gothic Metal
New Order of Messiah - Doom/Gothic Metal
Nex Aestatis - Doom/Gothic Metal with Folk/Classical elements
Nezgaroth - Gothic/Doom Metal
Nicht - Doom/Gothic Metal
Nicodemus - Progressive / Gothic Metal
Nifelheim (Pol) - Gothic/Folk Metal
Nightblood - Gothic Metal
Nightfall (Grc) - Black/Gothic Metal
Nightfane - Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
Nightfliers - Gothic Metal
Nightflower (Swe) - Gothic Metal
Nightlight - Gothic Metal
Nightshade (USA) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Nightsky Bequest - Gothic/Doom Metal
Nigrante - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Niobeth - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Nion - Gothic Metal
Njangilimah - Gothic Metal
No (Fin) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
No Credits Left - Power/Gothic Metal
No Grace - Progressive Metalcore (early), Progressive Gothic Rock (later)
No Love Lost (Gbr) - Gothic Doom Metal
No Pride - Death/Gothic Metal
Noctambulath - Power/Gothic Metal
Nocternity (Idn) - Black/Gothic Metal
Noctiluca - Gothic Metal
Nocturna (Kwt) - Gothic Metal
Nocturna (Mex) - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Nocturnal (Prt) - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Nocturnal Ascent - Gothic Metal
Nocturnal Divinity - Gothic Metal
Nocturnal Dominium - Gothic/Dark Doom Metal
Nocturnal Opera - Gothic/Black Metal
Nocturnal Supremacy (Pol) - Gothic/Death Metal
Nocturnea - Gothic Metal
NoDrama - Gothic Metal
Noesis (Esp) - Industrial/Gothic Metal
Nome - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Non Mortis - Gothic Metal
Nordavind (Rus) - Gothic Metal
Norma Jeanne - Death/Gothic Metal
Nosdrama - Dark/Gothic Metal
Nosferatis - Gothic/Death Metal
Nosgoth (Aut) - Melodic Gothic Metal
Nostra Morte - Gothic Metal
Nostromo (Pol) - Progressive Doom/Gothic Metal
Nota Profana - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Notrash - Gothic Metal
Notre Dame - Avant-Garde Gothic Metal
Noturna - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Nova Orbis - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Novalis - Gothic Metal/Rock
Novel Feeling - Symphonic Doom/Gothic Metal
November Aria - Gothic Metal
November Dreams - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
November-7 - Gothic Metal
Novembre - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Nox Mortis - Avant-Garde Gothic/Doom Metal
Noxiferis - Progressive Gothic Metal
Noxius - Power/Gothic Metal
Noxius Corp. - Gothic/Death Metal
Nucturnia - Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
Nuits Eternelles - Gothic/Doom Metal
Nyctanthous - Doom/Gothic Metal
Nympha (Svk) - Gothic/Dark Metal
Obdurate Seduction - Gothic Metal with Thrash parts
Obitel - Gothic/Doom Metal
Oblivion Circle - Gothic Metal
Obscura Religio - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Obscuration (Fra) - Gothic/Black Metal
Obscurity (Prt) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Obsession (Fin) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Obsidia - Gothic Metal
Obsidian Shell - Gothic Metal
Ocanthus - Gothic Melodic / Doom Metal
Occultation - Gothic Metal/Ambient
Ocean of Sorrow - Gothic Doom/Black Metal
Oceana - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Oceans of Sadness - Death/Black/Gothic Metal
Octavia - Gothic Metal
Octavia Sperati - Gothic Metal with Doom influences
Odd Goo - Atmospheric Gothic/Death Metal
Ode Odium - Gothic Metal
Ode of Eternity - Gothic Metal
Odes of Ecstasy - Symphonic Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Odium (Pol) - Progressive Death/Thrash/Gothic Metal
Of Darksome Origin - Death Metal with Black/Gothic elements
Of Infinity - Gothic Metal
Of Your Funeral - Gothic Metal
Offense - Doom/Death Metal, Gothic Metal/Rock (Absence)
Offertorium (Mda) - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Okrozom - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Oktagon - Gothic Metal
Olemus - Death/Black/Gothic Metal
Ominous Grief - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Ominous Silence - Gothic/Doom Metal
Ommatidia - Gothic Metal
Omni Mortuus - Black/Dark/Gothic Metal
On the Edge of the NetherRealm - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
On Thorns I Lay - Death/Doom Metal (early), Gothic Metal (mid), Hard Rock (later)
Once There Was - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Once Was Silence - Gothic/Avant-garde Metal (early), Avant-garde/Death/Noise (later)
Onderah - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
One More Day - Gothic Metal
One Without - Gothic Metal
Oniria - Gothic Metal
Onyx Eyes - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Opalessence - Gothic Metal
Opãq - Progressive/Experimental/Gothic Metal
Opened Paradise - Atmospheric Gothic Rock/Metal
Opera IX - Gothic Metal (early), Black Metal (now)
Opereth Sin - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Ophelia's Nightmare - Gothic Metal
Ophidyan - Gothic Metal
Opticollide - Melodic Gothic/Heavy Metal
Opus Symphonia - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Ora Pro Nobis (Ven) - Gothic Metal
Oracle (Idn) - Industrial Metal/Rock (early) Thrash/Gothic Metal (later)
Oratorio (Ukr) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Oremuz - Atmospheric / Dark Gothic Metal
Orestea - Melodic Gothic Metal
Orient Ende - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Originy - Gothic Power Metal
Orkum Morari - Gothic Metal/Rock
Orphanage - Death/Gothic Metal
Orphonic Orchestra - Symphonic Gothic/Power Metal (early), Classical/Orchestral Rock/Metal (later)
Oscuriam - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Osian - Heavy/Thrash Metal (early), Dark/Gothic/Mallcore (later)
Osiris (Aut) - Dark/Gothic/Doom Metal
Otila - Gothic Metal / Rock
Ottar - Gothic Metal
Our Diabolical Embrace - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Over My Grave - Gothic Metal
Overflash - Death Metal (early), EBM-Gothic Metal (later)
Overmeind - Gothic Metal
Overpast - Gothic/Industrial/Doom Metal
Overture (Deu) - Gothic/Death Metal
Pain Control - Modern Metal with gothic and industrial elements
Painful Life - Gothic Metal
Painted Black - Gothic/Doom Metal
Pale (Che) - Gothic/Folk Metal
Palpatine Rising - Gothic/Doom Metal
Pannychida - Gothic/Death Metal
Parade of Souls - Black Metal (early), Gothic (later)
Paradise Lost - Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic Rock/Metal (later)
Paragon of Beauty - Gothic/Doom Metal
Parahelia - Gothic/Doom/Folk Metal
Passion for Sorrow - Gothic/Death Metal
Past the Line - Gothic Metal
Patunum - Gothic Metal
Paulzeder - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Pechal' - Gothic/Doom Metal
Pendosa - Gothic/Black Metal
Penumbra (Fra) - Gothic Metal
Perdition (Nor) - Gothic Metal
Perfidia - Gothic/Death Metal
Pergana - Gothic Metal
Periadam - Gothic Metal
Perpetual Dilemma - Gothic Metal
Perpetual Remanent - Gothic Metal
Perpetuate - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Persecution (Deu) - Gothic/Death Metal
Pétal - Gothic/Dark Metal
Pettalom - Gothic Metal
Phackner - Gothic metal (early), Gothic Rock (later)
Phallax - Power/Gothic Metal
Phobos Corporation - Gothic Metal
Pik - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Pilgrim (Ita) - Death Metal, Gothic Metal
Pillars of Eternity - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Pipers Dawn - Melodic Doom/Gothic Metal
Plague Project - Gothic Metal
Plenilunio - Doom/Gothic Metal
Poète Maudit - Post-Punk/Gothic Rock, Black/Thrash Metal
Poena Dare - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
Poetry - Doom/Gothic Metal
Poisonblack - Gothic Metal
Polynove Pole - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Posithrone - Melodic Doom/Dark/Gothic Metal
Potra - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Praetorian Platoon - Gothic Metal
Preludium (Cze) - Gothic Metal
Prey (Nld) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Priestess (Deu) - Gothic/Power Metal
Primanocta - Gothic/Black Metal
Proclivity Gloom - Gothic Metal
Profanes - Progressive Gothic/Folk Metal
Profound (Che) - Gothic Metal
Projekt K8 - Gothic Metal/Rock
Promises - Gothic/Power Metal
Prophecy (Can) - Gothic Metal
Prophecy (Prt) - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Prophet (Fin) - Gothic Metal
Prosthetic Orchestra - Industrial Gothic Rock (early), Industrial Doom, Death Metal (later)
Prosvetlenie - Gothic Metal
Puertas Negras - Black/Gothic Metal
Puk - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Pulasara - Gothic Metal
Pulse of Dawn - Doom/Gothic Metal
Punishment (Deu) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Pyramidium - Gothic Metal
Pythia - Power/Gothic Metal
Querimonia - Black Metal, Viking Metal, Gothic/Doom Metal
Quietus (Isr) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Quintessence of Flesh - Gothic Metal
R.D.S.K. - Symphonic Gothic Metal
R.E.T. - Doom/Gothic Metal
RA (Rou) - Gothic Metal/Darkwave
RacheEngel - Gothic/Folk Metal
Racodia - Heavy/Gothic/Folk Metal
Rage Darkness - Gothic/Death Metal
Rageflower - Thrash/Death Metal (early), Gothic Rock/Metal (later)
Ragnaröek - Folk/Gothic Metal
Rahowa (Can) - Gothic Metal
Rain Novelty - Gothic/Doom Metal
Rain Paint - Gothic Metal
Rainbird - Gothic/Doom Metal
Raincarnation - Gothic / Doom Metal
Rainfall (Ita) - Melodic Gothic Metal
Rainshadow - Gothic Metal
Ram-Zet - Avant-garde Black / Gothic Metal
Ramzes - Gothic Metal
Random Plan - Gothic Metal
RandomWalk - Gothic Metal/Metalcore
Rangda - Black/Gothic Metal
Raven Soul - Gothic Metal
Raven Tide - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
RavenClaws - Gothic/Death Metal
Ravenland - Gothic Metal
Ravenville - Gothic Metal
Raw (Aut) - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
RawkFist - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Reactive Black - Gothic Metal/Rock
Realms and Evolution - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Rebirth (Ita) - Gothic Metal
Reborn Z - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Red Queen Theory - Gothic Metal/Rock
Redemption Unnamed - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Redstains - Gothic Metal
Reel Fiction - Heavy Metal (early) - Crossover/Gothic Metal (later)
Reflexion - Gothic Metal/Modern Hard Rock
Refugium 1 - Gothic Metal
Regardless of Me - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Regicide (Deu) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Regnum Irae (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Relikvia - Dark/Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Remember - Gothic Metal
Remembrances - Gothic Metal
Renascence - Gothic/Death Metal
Requiem (Mex) - Gothic Metal
Requiem (Prt) - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
Requiem (Rus) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Requiem (Swe) - Electro/Industrial/Gothic Metal
Requiem of the Damned - Gothic Metal
Resonance Room - Progressive/Doom/Gothic Metal
Restart - Gothic Metal
Restless (Idn) - Gothic Metal
Return to Exile - Melodic/Gothic Metal
ReVamp - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Rhetorical - Doom/Gothic Metal
Rhevan - Gothic Metal
Rhudra - Melodic Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Rhyme of Tears - Gothic Metal
Rigor Mortis (Deu) - Death/Black Metal / Gothic Metal(first)
Riot's Eve - Gothic Metal
Rising Winter - Gothic Metal/Neofolk
Risus21 - Progressive/Gothic Metal/Rock
Ritual for Majesty - Gothic Metal
Ritual of Odds - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Rixiler - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Road to Consciousness - Progressive/Gothic Metal/Rock
Romance Curse - Symphonic/Orchestral Gothic Metal
Romanticide - Gothic Metal
Rorschach - Dark/Gothic Metal
Rosa Ígnea - Gothic Metal
Rosa Nocturna - Gothic Metal
Rosa Noctürna - Gothic Metal
Rosenguard - Black/Gothic Metal
Rotting Christ - Grindcore (early), Black Metal (mid), Black / Gothic Metal (later)
Roughly Violent - Gothic Metal
Royal Anguish - Death/Gothic Metal
Rusted (Ita) - Epic Gothic/Black Metal
Ruthless Art - Gothic Metal
S.C.A.L.P. - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
S.I.T.E. - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Sabachthani - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sabaium - Gothic Metal/Death Metal
Sabaoth (Pry) - Gothic/Black Metal
Sacrifire (Fin) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Sacriversum - Death/Thrash Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Sacrosanctum - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sad Harmony - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sad Siberia - Dark/Gothic Metal
Sadauk - Gothic/Death Metal
SadDolls - Gothic Metal
Sadhara - Black/Death/Thrash/Gothic Metal
Sadis - Gothic/Black Metal
Sadness - Doom/Death Metal (early) - Gothic/Doom Metal (later)
Saduced - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Saga (Rou) - Gothic/Black Metal
Sahara Dust - Gothic/Atmospheric Metal
Saint of Fear and Rage - Black/Gothic Metal
Salem (Isr) - Death/Gothic/Doom Metal
Salem Fires - Gothic Metal
Salman Teloch - Symphonic Progressive Black/Gothic Metal
Saltanat - Gothic Metal
Saltatio Mortis - Folk/Epic/Gothic Metal
Salvation (Isr) - Gothic Metal
Salvia - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Samael Tears - Gothic/Black Metal
Samhain (Rus) - Gothic/Doom/Power Metal
Sammsara - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Samsas Traum - Gothic/Avant-garde Black Metal (early), Neoclassical/Darkwave/Gothic Metal (later)
Sanctimonium - Gothic Metal
Sanctorium - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Sangue Demonio - Gothic Metal
Sanity Obscure (Deu) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Santa Sangre - Death/Thrash, Doom/Gothic Metal
Saprophytes - Gothic Metal
Saracens - Gothic/Symphonic/Death Metal
Sarah Jezebel Deva - Symphonic Gothic Metal
SaraLee - Gothic Metal
Sarcasm (Ukr) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sarcastic (Prt) - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Sarg Discounter - Melodic Gothic Metal
Sariola - Gothic/Black Metal
Sarx Thanatos - Doom/Gothic Metal
Sata - Gothic/Death Metal/Grind
Satan's Soldiers - Black/Extreme Gothic Metal
Satanic Syndrome - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Satarial - Folk/Black Metal/Industrial/Gothic Rock
Sator - Gothic Metal
Sator Square - Power/Gothic Metal
Satygriall - Gothic/Power Metal
Satyrian - Gothic Metal
Satyron - Gothic Metal
Saudade - Gothic Metal
Savage Maniacs - Melodic Gothic/Heavy Metal
Saviour Machine - Gothic Metal
Scam! - Gothic/Doom Metal
Scandelion - Gothic Metal
Scar of the Sun - Gothic/Doom Metal with Death Influences
Scare Me - Gothic/Black Metal
Scarecroe - Death/Thrash/Black/Gothic Metal
ScareCrown - Gothic Metal
Scarlet Storm - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Scarlett - Gothic/Doom Metal
Schattenspieler - Gothic Metal
Schopenhauer - Avant-garde Gothic/Dark Metal
Schwarze Schönheit - Gothic/Black Metal
Scion (Deu) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Screamatorium - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Screaming Savior - Gothic Black Metal
Screaming Silence (Ukr) - Symphonic/Gothic Black Metal
Sculpture (Deu) - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Scythe of Azrael - Gothic Metal
Sea of Despair - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sea of Rains - Doom/Death/Gothic/Black Metal
Season - Gothic Metal
Season of Mourning - Symphonic Gothic/Doom Metal
Season of Tears - Gothic Metal
Season's End - Gothic Metal
Secret Signs - Gothic Metal
Seduced by Suicide - Gothic / Doom Metal
See No Evil - Gothic Metal
Seelenleid - Gothic Black Metal
Seelenquell - Melodic Gothic Metal
Seelenschrei - Gothic Metal
Seigmen - Gothic Metal (early), Dark Atmospheric Rock (later)
Sekar Jagad - Gothic Black Metal
Selaterion - Gothic Metal
Sellisternium - Progressive Gothic Metal
Semblant - Gothic Metal
Sengir - Gothic Metal
Senistro - Gothic Metal
Senium (Pri) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sense of Loss - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal
Sentenced - Death Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (mid), Gothic Metal (later)
Sentient (Nld) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sephirot (Aut) - Gothic/Dark Metal
Sephyros - Gothic Metal
Septem Voices - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Septic Miracle - Doom/Gothic Metal
Seraphim (Deu) - Doom/Death, Gothic Metal
Seraphim (Srb) - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Seraphique - Gothic Metal
Serenade in Darkness - Symphonic Gothic/Death Metal
Serenades - Death/Doom Metal with Gothic Influences
Serene Decay - Gothic Metal
Serenity (Rou) - Folk Gothic Metal
Serenity's End - Gothic Metal
Sermon (Tur) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Set to Kill - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Setanera - Gothic Metal
Setareth - Gothic Metal
Seven Dark Eyes - Gothic Metal
Seven Main Sins - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Seventh Evidence - Avant-garde Gothic/Doom Metal
Seventh Sin (Nld) - Gothic Metal
Shabash - Gothic Metal
Shade (Pol) - Progressive Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Shadembrace - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Shades of Nowhere - Gothic Metal
Shadow Gard - Gothic/Black Metal
Shadow Mask (Gbr) - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Shadow of Doom - Gothic/Doom Metal
Shadow Projector - Gothic/Doom Metal
Shadowcast - Gothic Metal
Shadowdances - Doom/Atmospheric Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal (late)
Shadowgarden - Gothic Metal/Rock
Shadows Dance - Gothic Metal
Shadows' Grey - Gothic Metal
Shadowsphere (Gbr) - Gothic Metal
Shadowsreign - Gothic/Black Metal
Shadowthrone (Deu) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Shakespeare in Hell - Death/Gothic Metal
Shardless - Gothic Metal/Rock
Shattered Dreams - Gothic Metal
Shellyz Raven - Gothic Metal
Shepherd of Sheol - Gothic Metal
Shield of Wings - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Shining Fear - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Shiva in Exile - Gothic/Folk/Ambient
Shivan (Ita) - Atmospheric Gothic / Black Metal
Shroud of Tears - Gothic Metal
Shtriga - Melodic Gothic Metal
Shy Malice - Death/Gothic Metal
Sicarii - Gothic/Death Metal
Sicitur Adastra - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Sideline - Gothic Metal
Sidne - Gothic Metal
Sieben Siegel - Gothic Metal
Siegfried (Aut) - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Sighisoara - Gothic Doom Metal
Signum - Doom/Gothic Metal
Silence (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Silence Enshroud - Dark/Doom Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Silent Birth - Gothic Metal
Silent Cry (Bra) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Silent Dream - Gothic Metal
Silent Eternity - Gothic Metal
Silent Grave - Gothic Metal
Silent Memories - Gothic Metal
Silent Opera (Fra) - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Silent Raven Fell - Atmospheric/Gothic Doom Metal
Silent Resentment - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Silent Tears (Svk) - Symphonic Gothic Metal/Rock
Silent Vanquish - Gothic Metal
Silentium (Fin) - Gothic Metal
SilentLie - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Silentrain - Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal
Silluet - Gothic Black Metal
Silvercast - Gothic Metal
Silvershades - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sin After Sin - Gothic Metal
Sin and Death - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Sin Driven Tide - Heavy Metal with Death/Gothic elements
Sin of Redemption - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Sin7sinS - Gothic/Dark Metal
Sin:Overflow - Gothic Metal
Sinamore - Gothic Metal
Sincerity Green - Gothic Metal
Sine Anima - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Sinister Grace - Symphonic Heavy/Gothic Metal
Sinisthra - Gothic Metal
Sinner of Sinless - Gothic Metal
Sinphonia - Progressive Gothic Metal
Sins in Vain - Gothic Metal
Sipher - Gothic/Alternative/Industrial Metal
Siren (Swe) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Sirenia - Gothic Metal
Sisthema - Thrash Metal (early), Gothic Metal / Metalcore (later)
Skeptical Minds - Gothic Metal
Skreopsis - Gothic Metal
Skull Baby - Gothic Metal
Skydancer (Esp) - Gothic/Power Metal
Skydancer (Est) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Skyed - Gothic/Doom Metal
Slave Driver - Gothic Metal
Slave of Lord - Gothic Metal
Sleep of Thetis - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Sleeping Flowers - Avant-garde Gothic/Folk Metal
Sleeping Gods - Death/Gothic Metal
Sleepy Hollow (Ukr) - Gothic/Black Metal
Snowite - Symphonic Gothic/Power Metal
So Cold - Gothic Metal/Rock
Solar Spine - Progressive Rock, Gothic, Death Metal, Doom Rock/Metal
Solaris (Fra) - Gothic Metal
Sole Remedy - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Solemnus - Gothic Metal
Solifuge - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Something Beautiful - Gothic Metal
Somnifere - Death/Gothic Metal
Somnus - Black/Gothic Metal
Son et Lumiere - Black/Gothic Metal
Sonata Nocturna - Doom Gothic Heavy Metal
Sonorous Din - Folk / Medieval / Gothic Metal
Sopor - Gothic Metal
Sorg (Nor) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sorrow (Hun) - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Sorrow Breed - Gothic Metal/Hard Rock
Sorrow's End - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Sorrowfield - Gothic Metal
Sorrowful Angels - Gothic Metal
Sorrowful God - Doom, Folk, Gothic Metal
Sorrowland - Gothic Metal
Sorrows Lament - Gothic/Melodic Black/Death Metal
Sorrowseed - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Soteria - Melodic 'Black'/Gothic Metal
Soturnus - Gothic Metal (early), Death/Gothic Metal (later)
Soul Forlorn - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Soul's Chains - Gothic/Black Metal
Soulfield - Gothic Metal
Soulgrind (Fin) - Gothic/Black Metal
Soulless (Che) - Gothic Metal (early), Death Metal (later)
Souls Entwined - Doom/Gothic Metal
Souls of Diotima - Progressive Gothic Metal
Soulstitia - Gothic Metal
Source of Sorrow - Power Metal (early), Melodic / Gothic Metal (later)
Spellcraft (Ita) - Gothic/Dark Metal
Spinal Shiver - Gothic/Atmospheric Death Metal
Spirit Trace - Gothic/Dark Metal
Spiritchaser - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
SpiRitual (Deu) - Folk/Gothic Metal
Spitkiss - Dark Industrial Gothic Metal
Stabitha - Gothic Metal
Staccato (Rou) - Traditional Heavy Metal (early), Gothic/Power Metal (later)
Stahlmagen - Melodic/Epic Black/Gothic Metal
Star Queen - Gothic / Power Metal
Stigmata (Swe) - Gothic/Death Metal
Stih - Gothic/Black Metal
Still it Cries - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Stillborn (Mlt) - Melodic Gothic Metal
Storm Cloud - Gothic Metal
Stormgarde - Melodic Gothic Metal/Rock
Streaks - Extreme Gothic Metal
Stronghold (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Sublevel (USA) - Melodic Gothic Metal
Succubus (Che) - Gothic Metal
Succubus (Pol) - Death Metal (early), Doom/Gothic Metal (later)
Suffer Age - Gothic/Doom Metal
Suffer in Crease - Black/Gothic Metal
Suffer in Silence (Deu) - Gothic/Death Metal
Suffer in Silence (Grc) - Gothic/Death Metal
Suicider - Gothic Metal
Sulphor - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Summoner - Black/Gothic Metal
Sun Flower - Doom/Gothic Metal
Sun of Sadness - Gothic/Black Metal
Sun of the Blind - Black Metal with Gothic/Rock/Ambient Influences
Sundone - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Sundown - Gothic Metal with electronic elements
Sungate - Experimental Gothic Metal
Sunset (Rus) - Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic/Industrial (later)
Sunseth Midnight - Gothic Metal
Sunseth Sphere - Gothic Metal
Sunterra - Gothic Metal
Sunya - Gothic Metal/Rock
Supremacy (Aus) - Heavy / Gothic / Power Metal
Suspension of Disbelieve - Progressive/Gothic Rock/Metal
Suspicious Moon - Gothic Black Metal
Suttee - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Svenia - Dark Gothic Metal
Swan Christy - Symphonic Gothic Metal (early), Electronica/Jazz/Experimental (later)
Swantears - Gothic Metal
Sweet Disease - Gothic/Industrial Metal
Sweet Infernal Noise - Gothic Metal
Sweet Mother of God - Doom/Gothic Metal
Sweet Suffering - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sylentwake - Gothic/Progressive/Atmospheric Metal/Rock
Sylph - Gothic/Death/Black Metal
Sylver Myst - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Symbolic (Deu) - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Symphonia (Fra) - Gothic/Atmospheric Metal with Classical influences
Symphony Cult - Gothic Metal
Symphony of Sorrow - Gothic/Industrial Metal
Symposium (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Synoptia - Gothic Doom Metal
Synteresis - Doom/Gothic Metal
System Zero - Gothic/Doom Metal
Systema Encephale - Gothic Metal
T.H.E. Sacrament - Gothic Metal
Tai-A - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Taid - Gothic Metal
Taija Rae - Gothic Metal
Tainted Grace - Gothic Metal
Taish - Gothic Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (later)
Tales of Dark... - Doom/Gothic Metal
Tales of Sorrow - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Tanker (Cze) - Gothic/Power Metal
Tarja - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Tarrabazza - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Tarsish - Gothic/Death Metal
Tartosgardh - Gothic Metal
Taste of Sin (Deu) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
TBC - Gothic Metal
Te Devm - Gothic/Doom Metal
Tearfall - Gothic Metal
Tearful - Gothic Metal
Tearless - Gothic Metal, Black Metal, Industrial
Tears in Silence - Gothic Metal
Tears of Magdalena - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Tears of Mankind - Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
Tears of Martyr - Gothic Metal
Tears of Melancholy - Gothic Metal
Tears of Moonlight - Extreme Gothic Metal
Tears of Mystigma - Death/Doom Metal (early), Gothic Rock/Metal (later)
Tears of Rain - Melodic Doom/Gothic Metal
Teitan (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Tellurian (Bra) - Gothic Metal
Templo Vampiro - Black/Gothic Metal
Temptation (Deu) - Gothic/Death Metal
Tempting Tragedy - Gothic Metal
Temujin - Gothic Metal
Tenebra (Lbn) - Melodic Black/Extreme Gothic Metal
Tenebrae (USA) - Power/Gothic Metal
Tenebrarum (Col) - Death/Gothic Metal
Tenebre (Swe) - Gothic Metal
Tenshy of Death - Symphonic Gothic / Melodic Death Metal
Teodasia - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Terrae Sole Calentes - Gothic/Doom/Atmospheric Metal
Tetriconia - Gothic Metal
Teufel - Gothic Metal
Thalarion - Doom/Gothic Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Thanateros - Gothic Metal, Folk Metal
Tharsys - Gothic Metal
The A.X.E. Project - Gothic Metal
The Aerium - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
The Alchemy - Gothic Metal
The Answer (Can) - Doom/Gothic Metal
The Arcane - Gothic Metal
The Art of Dethronement - Doom/Gothic Metal
The Avatar - Gothic Metal
The Beauty of Death - Gothic Metal
The Beckoning - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
The Black League - Gothic Metal/Rock
The Blood Divine - Dark/Gothic Metal
The Bloodcult - Industrial Gothic Metal/Ambient
The Bloodline - Gothic Metal
The Blue Season - Gothic Metal/Rock
The Body Snatcher - Gothic Death Metal
The Bronx Casket Co. - Dark/Gothic/Atmospheric Metal
The Candles Burning Blue - Death Metal (early), Atmospheric Gothic/Rock (later)
The Cardinal - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Cascades - Gothic Metal
The Cellts - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
The Chapter (Prt) - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
The Circle - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
The Crescent (Deu) - Gothic/Death Metal
The Crest - Gothic Metal
The Darkness Within - Gothic/Death Metal
The Day She Died - Gothic/Death Metal
The Deadly - Death Metal (early), Dark/Gothic Metal (later)
The Dethroners - Doom/Gothic Metal
The Dogma - Symphonic Gothic/Power Metal
The Effigy - Gothic Metal
The Equinox ov the Gods - Doom/Gothic Metal
The Eternal (Aus) - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Final Season - Gothic Metal
The Flaw - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Flowers of Evil - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Foreshadowing - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Foreverlorn - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Fortuna - Gothic Metal
The Furious Horde - Gothic / Black Metal
The Gathering - Death/Doom Metal (early), Rock/Gothic/Atmospheric (later)
The K - Gothic Metal
The Kindred - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
The Kunst Conspiracy - Industrial Gothic Metal
The Last Embrace - Progressive/Gothic Metal
The Last Feeling - Doom Gothic Metal
The Legacy (Deu) - Gothic Metal
The Lords of Algol - Gothic Black Metal
The Loveless - Gothic Metal/Rock
The Lust - Gothic Metal
The Lust I Seek - Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
The Man-Eating Tree - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
The Mansion of Soul Drain - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Missing: - Gothic Metal
The Mist of Avalon - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Morgue (Can) - Gothic Metal
The Murder of My Sweet - Gothic Metal
The Myth of Autumn - Gothic Metal
The Narthex - Gothic Metal/Ambient
The Old Dead Tree - Gothic Metal
The Prior's Diary - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
The Promontory - Progressive Gothic Metal
The Prophecy (Deu) - Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal
The Provenance - Gothic Metal
The Pseudo Philosophers - Gothic/Progressive Metal
The Raven (Ita) - Gothic/Death/Thrash Metal
The Red King - Gothic Metal / Darkwave / Ambient / Neoclassical
The Revenants - Gothic Metal with Punk influences
The Saturnine - Gothic Metal
The Season - Gothic Metal
The Seasons of Wither - Gothic Metal
The Sequel - Gothic Metal, Melodic Black Metal
The Shadows Smile - Gothic Rock/Metal
The Silent Agony - Gothic Metal
The Sins of thy Beloved - Symphonic Gothic/Doom Metal
The Storm (Est) - Gothic/Power Metal
The Sun of Weakness - Gothic Metal
The Sundial - Gothic Doom Metal
The Sunset - Gothic/Doom Metal
The SymphOnyx - Symphonic Gothic Metal
The Tears They Fall - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Third Collision - Gothic/Death/Thrash Metal/Metalcore
The Unborn (Arg) - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Veil - Gothic Metal
The Vision Bleak - Gothic Metal
The Void (Ita) - Dark/Gothic Metal with Doom elements
The Whisper - Gothic Doom Metal
The Wounded - Doom/Gothic Metal
Theatre of Enfant Terrible - Death/Gothic Metal
Theatre of Tragedy - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal (early), Industrial/Electronica, Gothic Metal/Rock (later)
Theatres des Vampires - Melodic Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Thee Orakle - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Themgoroth - Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Thin Line - Gothic Metal
Thirty 2 Life - Gothic/Heavy Metal
This Belief - Gothic Metal
This Empty Flow - Gothic/Doom Metal, Gothic/Ambient
Thora - Gothic Metal
Thorns & Flowers - Gothic Metal
Those Endless Eyes - Gothic/Black Metal
Thoughts of a Mortal - Gothic/Dark/Death Metal
Thoughts of Grief - Gothic Metal
Thousand Year Rain - Gothic Metal
Throne of Pagan - Gothic/Death Metal
Throned by Tyranny - Black/Gothic Metal
Thuban - Atmospheric Black/Doom/Gothic Metal
ThunDarkma - Gothic Metal
Thuule Gothica - Gothic Metal
Thy Slime - Gothic/Power Metal
Thy Tempest - Gothic Metal
Tiaga - Gothic Metal
Tiamat - Death Metal (early), Gothic/Atmospheric Metal/Rock (later)
Tiarra - Gothic Metal
Timecry - Symphonic Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Tisíc Let od Ráje - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
To Cast a Shadow - Gothic Metal
To Elysium - Gothic Metal
To/Die/For - Gothic Metal
Todesbonden - Gothic/Doom Metal
Tor Marrock - Gothic/Death Metal
Toreador (Chn) - Gothic Metal
Torment (Rou) - Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal
Torturhaus - Gothic Metal
Tot Svet - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Total Tragedy - Gothic Metal
Totennacht - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
Totenstille (Arg) - Black/Death/Gothic/Industrial Metal
Totentanz (Aut) - Gothic Metal
Tothem - Gothic Metal
Tower (Pol) - Gothic/Death Metal
Toxic Society - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Tragedia - Gothic Metal
Tragedy Garden - Doom/Gothic Metal
Trágico Ballet - Gothic Metal
Tragodia - Gothic Metal
Trail of Tears - Gothic Metal (early), Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal (later)
Trance of Mine - Progressive Metal/Rock with Gothic influences
Transiency - Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
Transilvanian Beat Club - Gothic Metal, Death 'n' Roll
Transmigration - Gothic Metal
Transmission (Pol) - Industrial Gothic Metal
Transparent Things - Gothic/Heavy Metal with Rock elements
Treachery (Fin) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Tres•Pass - Gothic Metal
Triarchy (Bra) - Gothic Metal
Trinnity - Atmospheric/Gothic Metal
Triora - Gothic Metal
Tripledeath - Thrash Metal/Punk (early), Gothic/Black Metal (later)
Tristania - Gothic Metal
Tristmoon - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Triumph des Willens - Melodic Death Metal, Gothic Metal
True Mind - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Tränenzeit - Black/Gothic Metal
Tuam Nescis - Gothic/Death/Black Metal
Tular - Gothic Metal
Tunes of Dawn - Gothic Metal with various influences
Tunes of Grey - Gothic Metal
Twelfth of Never - Gothic Metal
Twelve Winters - Gothic Metal
Twilight's Embrace - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Twistedbliss - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Two Foot Candle - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Two Mirrors - Neoclassical/Gothic Metal
Type O Negative - Gothic/Doom Metal
Tyranty - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Tystnaden - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Tytania - Gothic Metal
Ultima Forsam - Dark/Gothic Metal with Progressive elements
Umbra (Deu) - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Unbecoming - Industrial Death Metal (early), Gothic/Alternative Metal (later)
Unburn - Black/Gothic Metal
Uncreated Light - Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Undead Countess - Melodic Power/Gothic Metal
Undertow - Thrash Metal/Thrashcore with Gothic/Doom elements
UnderWater Moon - Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
Undina - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Undish - Gothic Metal
Unhold - Gothic Metal
Unnamed - Doom/Death Metal (early), Heavy/Gothic Metal (later)
Unread Lips - Gothic Metal
Unshine - Gothic Metal
Unspoken Names - Gothic/Progressive Metal
UnSun - Gothic Metal
Until Extinction - Progressive/Death/Gothic Metal
Until Graves - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Untouchable Feeling - Dark/Gothic Metal
Unworthy - Gothic Metal
Upon Shadows - Dark/Gothic Metal
Urban Tales - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Urn (USA) - Gothic Metal
Vagrant God - Gothic Metal
Vaikus - Gothic/Doom Metal
Vaira - Gothic/Doom Metal
Valafar - Gothic Metal
Valdes - Black/Folk/Gothic Metal
Vale of Tears - Gothic/Death Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (later)
Valhalla (Est) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Valhalla (Idn) - Gothic Metal
Valkiria (Ita) - Black Metal (early), Dark Epic/Gothic Metal (later)
Valkyre - Melodic / Gothic Metal with Folk / Classical influences
Valle de la Muerte - Gothic Metal
Valuri Negre Dezlegate - Black/Gothic Metal
Valve 2.001 - Gothic Metal
Vampiria - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Vampiris - Gothic/Thrash Metal, Symphonic Black Metal
Vanadis - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Vanaheim (Mex) - Gothic Metal
VanGoth - Gothic Metal
Vanguard (Fin) - Symphonic Gothic Metal (early), Dark/Gothic Metal (later)
Vanity Fair - Gothic Rock/Metal
Vanquish (Prt) - Gothic Metal
Varon - Gothic Death Metal
Vasalla - Heavy/Thrash Metal (early), Metal/Gothic Rock (later)
Vasaria - Gothic Metal
VE.GA - Progressive Gothic Metal
Veil of Mist - Symphonic/Gothic/Progressive Metal
Veil of Sin - Gothic Metal
Veil of Sorrow - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Veiled Moon - Death/Doom Metal (early), Gothic Black Metal (later)
Vélfragor - Gothic/Death Metal
Velinas (Deu) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Velvet Masque - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Velvet Seal - Gothic Metal
Vena Valley - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Venial Sin - Gothic/Death Metal
Venin Noir - Gothic Metal
Venitia - Gothic Metal
Vennus Aeterna - Gothic Metal
Venter Caret Auribus - Black/Gothic Metal
Vera Efigies Instrumentis Oscurum - Gothic/Doom Metal
Verenperintö - Gothic Metal
Veritas (Bra) - Death/Gothic/Doom Metal
Vesania (Chl) - Gothic Metal
Vespera (Pol) - Gothic Black Metal
Vespera (Rou) - Gothic/Melodic Metal
Vessels of Wrath - Industrial/Gothic/Thrash Metal
Vetitum - Gothic Metal
Vexing Souls - Gothic Metal
Via Dolorosa (Mex) - Gothic, Progressive Metal/Rock
Via Mistica - Doom/Gothic Metal
Vicious Crusade - Thrash Metal with Folk and Gothic influences
Vigilia Septima - Gothic/Doom Metal
Villainthropy - Gothic/Power Metal
Violet Moon - Gothic Metal
Violet Moon Shining - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Virgin Black - Doom/Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Viridian - Melodic/Gothic Metal/Rock
Virus (Hun) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Visionaire (Rou) - Gothic Metal
Visionaire (USA) - Ambient/Gothic Death/Doom Metal
Visionoir - Darkwave/Gothic Metal
Vitaly - Gothic Metal
Vitreus - Gothic Metal
Vizant - Gothic/Doom Metal
Vlad (Ita) - Death/Gothic Metal
Vladimir - Gothic Dark Doom Metal
Voiceless Void - Gothic/Doom Metal
Von Branden - Gothic/Black Metal with Ambient, Classical and Jazz Influences
Von Sirius - Gothic/Dark Metal
Vorongrai - Gothic/Doom Metal
Vorticis - Power/Gothic Metal
Voyage (Nld) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Waking Myth - Gothic Metal
Waldheim - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Wassat - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Wastescape - Gothic/Doom Metal/Folk Rock
Waterdream - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Way of Thorns - Symphonic Gothic Metal
We, the Gods - Gothic/Doom Metal
Wedding in Hades - Gothic Metal
Wedding Party - Gothic/Industrial Metal
Wedingoth - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Weena - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Weeping Silence (Mlt) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Weltschmerz (Swe) - Gothic Metal
Wereworld - Gothic Metal
What Remains - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Where Angels Fall - Gothic Metal
Where She Wept - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
WhipKraft - Industrial Gothic Metal (early), Progressive Death Metal (later)
Whisper (Fin) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Whisper (Ita) - Ambient/Gothic/Doom Metal
Whisperium - Doom/Gothic Metal
Whispers of Fate - Symphonic Gothic Metal
White Pale Silence - Gothic Metal/Rock
Whores of Babylon - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Wicked (Esp) - Gothic/Death Metal
Widdershin - Gothic/Black Metal
Widescreen Mode - Heavy/Gothic Metal/Hard Rock
Wild Angel - Gothic Metal/Rock
Wild Garden - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Willow (Pol) - Atmospheric/Gothic Metal
Willow Wisp - Gothic/Black Metal
Winds of Sirius - Gothic Metal
Wings of Fury - Gothic Metal
Winter Dawn - Gothic Metal
Winter in Eden - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Winter of Life - Progressive/Alternative/Gothic Metal
Winter of Vehemence - Dark/Extreme Gothic/Doom Metal
Winter Reign - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Winter Storm - Gothic Metal
Winter's Thrall - Gothic/Doom Metal
Wintercold - Gothic/Doom Metal
Wintermond - Gothic Metal with classical and folk influences
Wintersoul (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Wintryfrost - Gothic Metal
Wipe Away - Doom/Gothic Metal
Wish - Gothic/Doom Metal, Gothic Rock
Wishing Well (Pol) - Gothic Operatic Metal
Wisteria (Ita) - Gothic/Industrial Metal
Witchcraft (Rus) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Witchery (Bra) - Gothic Metal/Rock
Witchkrieg - Gothic Metal
Wither (USA) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Withered Garden (Deu) - Power/Gothic/Progressive Metal
Withering Soul - Black/Gothic Metal (early), Melodic Black Metal (now)
Within Temptation - Melodic/Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Without Face - Progressive Gothic Metal
Wolfdance - Gothic / Melodic Metal
Wolfpack (Fin) - Gothic Metal
Wolven - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Woman Lies Bleeding - Black/Gothic Metal
Worship Factory - Melodic Death Metal with Gothic influences
Wrath of Killenstein - Gothic Metal
Wretch - Gothic/Black Metal
Wykked Wytch - Black/Gothic Metal
Xadoom - Gothic metal
Xandria - Gothic Metal
Xatarnite - Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal
Xess - Gothcore (early), Industrial/Electronic Gothic Metal (later)
Xianosys - Gothic/Industrial Metal
XIII (Isl) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Xshibuya - Gothic Metal
Xylonite Ivy - Melodic Gothic Metal
Überall - Gothic Metal
Year Zero (Lva) - Progressive Dark/Gothic/Doom Metal
Yggdrasil (Deu) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Your Shapeless Beauty - Doom/Gothic Metal
Your Tomorrow Alone - Doom/Gothic Metal
Ywolf - Dark Gothic/Folk
Zadok - Gothic Metal
Zalim - Black/Gothic Metal
Zangryus - Gothic Metal
Zatreon - Extreme Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Zelestial - Gothic/Black Metal
Zerberus - Gothic/Doom Metal
ZeroCold - Gothic Metal
ZeroCrowd - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Zerokarma - Death/Doom/Gothic/Industrial Metal
Zeus (Idn) - Gothic Metal
Zia - Gothic Metal
Ziggurat - Gothic Death/Black Metal
Zulu - Stoner/Doom/Gothic Extreme Metal (early), Stoner Rock (later)
Zuraith - Black/Gothic Metal
Æmbermoon - Gothic Metal
Ætheria - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Öröm - Dark Ambient/Gothic/Doom Metal
§3B - Doom/Gothic Metal
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