Asian Black Metal Evilil Demiom Part 2
Asian Black Metal Evilil Demiom Part-II Free Download
Album kompilasi  Evilil Demiom Part-II "Black Metal Asia" ini meliputi negara negara diantaranya :India,
Indonesia, Iraq, Pakistan, Philippines and Iran.

The second of Evilil Demiom is now out! The second edition of the compilation covers bands from India,
Indonesia, Iraq, Pakistan, Philippines and Iran.
Bands featured are –

Heathen Beast – Ayodha Burns
Dark Desolation – Futile Dogma
Stark Denial – The Unknown Word
Sinister Violence – Lordess ov Destruction
Purvaja – She,who devoured Raktabija
Spiked Crib – Bloody Baby
Weird Anxiety – Just When It Started To Darkout In Heaven

Demonstorm – Land of Immoral
Impish – Gerbang Kehancuran
Kromo Leyo – Kabut Kemurkaan
Pejah – Tabir Kegelapan

Erragal – Hate
Amelnakru – Metaphoric Human Being

Abyssed - Bejaan
Ilhaam - I Yearn
Ibless –Carrying One of Satans Many Begotten Sons
Necktarium – Fogdance Blue

Incarion Horde – Conquer the Throne

Ekove Efrits - A Celebration for Sorrow

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Finlandia / Swedia simfoni metal Nightwish akan merilis album baru mereka, "Imaginaerum", di Finlandia pada Rabu 30 November dan seluruh Eropa pada Jumat, 2 Desember melalui Nuclear Blast Record. CD akan tersedia di Amerika Utara melalui Roadrunner Records.
Nightwisht - Imaginaerum
Nightwisht - Imaginaerum
"Imaginaerum" track listing:
01. Taikatalvi
02. Storytime
03. Ghost River
04. Slow, Love, Slow
05. I Want My Tears Back
06. Scaretale
07. Arabesque
08. Turn Loose The Mermaids
09. Rest Calm
10. The Crow, The Owl And The Dove
11. Last Ride Of The Day
12. Song Of Myself
13. Imaginaerum

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 "The Suicider" band was found by Michail Tatarinov at the beginning of 2005 in Korolev city (Moscow region), but the staff of the band, repertory and the style was formed only in winter 2006, when the band joined Anton Brovkin (vocals and guitar of "Stramoslyabs"). Sometimes the band calls itself the "Consort of suicidal-depressive-slacky-cynical metal". On the opinion of the vocalist, Suicider pl...ays "suicide metal", but in general, it's a heavy gothic metal with a little tendency to the melodic death from time to time. The music of the group is a some sort of a tribute to a reposed band Sentenced, as evident from the name of the band. Plenty of fast riffs get mixed with accoustic parts, pure main vocal is rich of screams and growls, English-speaking texts are about the death and suicide, also strong sarcasm towards the suicide - and not only that is a Sucider!
The Suicider - Four Reasons To Die (EP) (2011)
The Suicider - Four Reasons To Die (EP) (2011)
Country: Russia
Genre: Gothic Metal
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 64 Mb


1.To The Sky
3.These Days
4.Empty Shell
5.The Suicider (Sentenced Cover)
6.Cross My Heart And Hope To Die (Sentenced Cover)
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 ASP (Alexander Spreng Project)
ASP (Alexander Spreng Project) - Fremd (2CD) (2011)
ASP were formed in 1999 by Alexander Frank Spreng (aka 'Asp') and Matthias Ambré, producing their first 3-track demo CD later that year. The following year saw a record deal with Trisol, who released the bands debut album 'Hast Du mich vermisst?', as well as the bands first live performance, at the 'Gothicworld' festival (having added a bassist, drummer and a choir section to the line-up).

The fo...llowing three years saw the release of two further albums 'Duett' and 'Weltunter', which, along with the debut, formed the album series 'Der Schwarze Schmetterling' (The Black Butterfly). ASP also became a popular live act over these years, regularly appearing at high profile festivals.

The band suffered some difficulty in 2004 with the bankruptcy of distributor EFA, though their albums were reissued later that year, along with the 'Interim Works Compendium', a 2CD collection of ASP rarities as well as selected tracks from their three albums to date. Another string of live dates took them through to the release of 'Aus Der Tiefe' in May 2005, the fourth part of the 'Der Schwarze Schmetterling' series. The fifth part 'Requiembryo' followed in 2007.

The year 2008 saw the release of three new albums. First, a best of-album Horror Vacui was released in February. This was followed by a tour in Europe. At the end of August the band released Zaubererbruder - Der Krabat-Liederzyklus, an album based on the Sorbian Krabat legend (see, e.g., Krabat by Otfried Preußler). The live recording Akoasma is available since December 2008. They have also remixed Emilie Autumn's 'Liar', plus provided vocals for the mix. It is known as the 'Manic Depressive Mix' and is featured on Autumn's 'Liar/Dead Is The New Alive EP'.

The band has released their first DVD in August 2009, entitled Von Zaubererbrüdern.



* 2000: Hast Du mich vermisst? (Der Schwarze Schmetterling I) (special edition box issued 2004)
* 2001: :Duett (Der Schwarze Schmetterling II) (special edition box issued 2004)
* 2003: Weltunter (Der Schwarze Schmetterling III) (special edition box issued 2004)
* 2004: Interim Works Compendium (Best of)
* 2005: Aus der Tiefe (Der Schwarze Schmetterling IV)
* 2007: Requiembryo (Der Schwarze Schmetterling V)
# 2008: Zaubererbruder - Der Krabat-Liederzyklus - (#13 Germany)
# 2011: TBA 7th Studio Album


* 2004: Interim Works Compendium (Best of)
* 2004: DJ Revelation 03 (Compiled By ASP) This is a compilation of some artists as Janus_(musical_project), Umbra et Imago, Qntal and others. The only ASP's track is the first one.
* 2008: Horror Vacui - (#42 Germany)

Live Albums

* 2008: Akoasma:Horror Vacui live - (#97 Germany)
* 2009: Von Zaubererbrüdern


* 1999: ASP (Promo-CD)
* 2003: Weltunter (Komm zu mir)
* 2003: Stille der Nacht (Ein Weihnachtsmärchen)
* 2004: Where do the gods go (Promo-CD)
* 2004: Ich will brennen
* 2005: Schwarzes Blut (Promo-CD)
* 2006: Werben
* 2006: Ich bin ein wahrer Satan - (#29 Germany)
* 2006: Isobel Goudie (Limited to 1,999 copies)
* 2006: Varieté Obscur
* 2007: Duett(Das minnelied der incubi) (limited to 544 copies)
* 2009: Wer sonst?/Im Märchenland (Limited to 3,000 copies) - (#56 Germany)

[edit] EPs

* 2002: Die Zusammenkunft (:Duett-Remixes); re-released in 2009
* 2005: Hunger (only available on the Hunger tour 2005)
* 2006: Humility (with Chamber)
* 2006: Hässlich (fan remixes of the ASP song)
* 2007: Nie Mehr! (10 track EP beginning a new series of releases entitled "Die verschollenen Archive" ("The Lost Archives."))

[edit] Box Sets

* 2007:The once in a lifetime Recollection (Feat. Chamber live) - (Limited to 1,999 copies)

[edit] Exclusive tracks appearing on compilations

Nachtschwärmer 3 – Und wir tanzten
Mondenblut 1 – Teach Me War
Orkus Collection 2 - Schattenbraut
Orkus Presents The Best Of 2002 – Versuchung (Duett)
Orkus Club Hits 5 – She Wore Shadows
Orkus Compilation IX – Geisterjagd (Chris Pohl-Remix)
Sonic Seducer Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 35 – Ich will brennen
New Signs & Sounds 07-08/05 (Zillo Compilation) - Hässlich (Ugly Note Rmx)
Orkus Presents The Best Of 2005 - Schwarzes Blut
Gothic Compilation Part XXXVI – Coming Home
Gothic Compilation Part XXXIX - Menschenlieder

 ASP (Alexander Spreng Project) - Fremd (2CD) (2011)
ASP (Alexander Spreng Project) - Fremd (2CD) (2011)
Country: Germany
Genre: Gothic Metal
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 304 Mb


01. A prayer for sanctuary
02. Wechselbalg
03. Eisige Wirklichkeit
04. The Mysterious Vanishing of the Foremar Family
05. Rücken an Rücken
06. Angstkathedrale (Canterbury Version)
07. Schön, schön, schön
08. FremdkörPerson, erstens
09. Unverwandt

01. Wouldn't It Be Good (By Nik Kershaw)
02. Wechselbalg (The Demmler Twins Remix)
03. Unverwandt (Some Tribute Paid in the Reptile House)
04. Angstkathedrale (Meditation Church)
05. Wouldn't It Be Good (Sicksicksick Maxi)
06. The Mysterious Vanishing of the Foremar Family (ASP´s Von Zaubererbrüdern Fassung)
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