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Legal Disclaimer

About :

       The aim of is not to sabotage the music, on the contrary, to spread it out; and to present people the albums that cannot be accessed by many countries. has a widespread hitrate from all the continents and countries in the world. Very few albums arrive to many of these countries. We also make the music spread. From Indonesian  To USA from  Europa to Asia, this web-site is clicked daily by many countries. Most of the people who listen that kind of music are aware that mp3 ist’t a good way to lisen music. And most people have respect for the bands they listen to and they buy original releases of them as long as possible. One day, if we consider that we do harm to music, we quit this job by ourselves. For now we are in the thought that we help the music.
For Record Companies :
     We keep no files in our server. All the files exist in hosting web sites like Mediafire dot com. We just publish the links. Even if we stop publishing the links, it is impossible for you to prevent them on the internet.

If you don’t want us to publish the links of your bands or performers, please let us know by sending an e-mail to “[email protected]” Within 24 hours It will be omitted from our Web-Site. (Please use the original e-mail adress of your company when sending the e-mail).

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