Metabolix 'Harmony Malay gothic metal band'

Metabolix is a band gothic metal from tanah melayu,Bengkalis,Riau.
Established in 2002.

metabolix gothic metal

Formation : 
Guitar I : Andri Sabbath
Guitar II : Ridho Vicious
Bass : De2k RoToR
Drum : Wyra Asmorensa 666
Keyboard : Chandra reflix
Female Vocal : Diana turunen
additional gitar: empu b-doel
additional gitar: ironxian
additional keyboard: Andri Jembalank

Genre :   Gothic metal ( harmony malay gothic metal )

Track list / Discography :
Impian asa ( Dumai Api luka Prod)
Tragedi hati (Pekan baru Jaga Sound Record )
Titian tanpa batas (Pekan baru Jaga Sound Record )
Laskar hitam melayu (Pekan baru Jaga Sound Record )
Goresan dosa

Contact :

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  1. indometalgoth January 22, 2011 9:03 AM

    metabolix lagunya belom ada sob...tar di cari dulu.

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