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Stravaganzza is Symphonic Gothic Metal / Progressive Metal band from Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain, which was formed in 2004 with initial name "Dios".

Stravaganzza combines elements such as Extreme Metal Gothic Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Black 
Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal and Power Metal. Lyrics Stravaganzza theme of philosophy and sadness.

Debut album Stravaganzza, Primer Acto (2004), released under the label Avispa (Adagio, Angra, Avantasia, Cruachan, Edguy, Europe, Masterplan, Theatre Of Tragedy, Udo, and many more). Primer Acto very well received by the media. Primer Acto awarded "Revelation Band of the Year ".

The first live show ViñaRock Stravaganzza in 2004, with thousands of spectators attend the event. In 2005, Stravaganzza was invited to play at the festival Popkomm, Berlin. Stravaganzza also appeared again in ViñaRock in 2005.
Stravaganzza second album, Sentimientos [Segundo Acto] (2005), produced by Big Simon (Alejandro Sanz, Amaral, Celtas Cortos, Nacho Vega, Rosana, Joaquín Sabina, MAGO de Oz, Luis Cobos, Saratoga, Los Pecos, Sergio Dalma, Sober, Skizoo, Dark Moor, WarCry, Ebony Ark, Coilbox, Dreamaker, Silver Fist, Miguel Bose, Terroristars, Infernoise, FreakMind, and many more)

In 2006, Edu Fernández (bass) and Dani Pérez (drums) out of Stravaganzza. Many people assume that Stravaganzza be disbanded, because Dani Pérez is one of the most important member in Stravaganzza. However, in the same year, Leo Jiménez (vocals, rhythm) and Pepe Herrero (guitar, keyboards) announced that Patricio Babasasa (Krysalida) and Carlos Expósito (Ira Regia, 037) as a new member to complete the line-up Stravaganzza.

Stravaganzza has released four studio albums, 2 singles and one EP.


     * Leo Jiménez "037" [Saratoga, Supra, Alborde, Krysalida] - Vocals, Rhythm (2004-Present)
     * Pepe Herrero [Krysalida] - Guitar, Keyboard (2004-Present)
     * Patricio Babasasa [Krysalida] - Bass (2006-Present)
     * Carlos Expósito [Ira Regia, 037] - Drums, Percussion (2006-Present)

Live Members

     * Fernando Martín - Keyboard (2006-Present)
     * Rodrigo Calderón - Violin (2006-Present)
     * Aroa Martín [Khael] - Chorus (2006-Present)
     * Noemi Post - Contemporary Dancer
     * Merche Guerra - Dancer
     * Soraya Martín - Dancer
     * Natalia Barrios - Dancer's Body Painting

Former Personnel:

     * Edu Fernández [Skizoo, Khael, 037] - Bass (2004-2006)
     * Dani Pérez [Saratoga, Khael, Supra, Eczema, Skizoo] - Drums (2004-2006)


     * Primer Acto (2004) download
     * Sentimientos [Segundo Acto] (2005) download
     * Hijo Del Miedo [EP] (2006) download
     * reflected Acto Requiem (2007) download
     * Que Te Follen [Single] (2010)
     * Amar Sin [Single] (2010)
     * Raices (2010) download

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