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Band Review : Senja (Atjeh Gothic Metal)

Biography of "SENJA":
Senja is a gothic metal with the times and evening stand by the principle of strong kinship and friendship.,
Senja of standing from the band that started called Innersoul and Senja stood on March 24, 2005 with base personnel or initial:
1. Adi (backing voc.& bass)
2. Rizal Feeder D '(guitar)
3. Ferdian/Al-Kautsar (drummer)
4. Dewi (female voc.)
after a few episodes back eventually overhauling personnel Senja until now, namely:
1. Adi Dusk (guitar/backing voc)
2. Rizal Feeder D '(lead guitar)
3. Rudi (drummer)
4. wawan (growl/scream vockill)
5. Novi (female Voc.)
This biography of SENJA I can described in a long time, if you want to know details, let us share together - together and discuss the development of Gothic music in this era of globalization ..
Band Review : Senja (Atjeh Gothic Metal)
Facebook Page :
Hometown : Lhokseumawe, ID
Genres : Metal / gothic / Power Metal
Tracklisting :
1. Bayang Kehidupan  , Free Download :
Link 1 - Link 2

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