GELAP is Indonesian Female-Fronted Progressive Gothic Metal Band From Jakarta, Indonesia.
Gelap was founded on November 30th 2006, and this project title was declared by RINSDARK, Hafid & ANGGASPIN as GELAP. After some brief discussions, Hafid and Rins decided to recruit some other personels for this music project, who mostly came from Progressive Rock/Metal Community as Hafid, and they are OEWIS and Putra, but on May 2007, GELAP decided to replace Putra with HERRY for drummer position, cause Putra has to full fill his time for his own band. For some music arrangement demands, Rinsdark also recruited Nurmakhana for other unique Vocal needed.
On June 23rd 2007, GELAP decided to replace Nurmakhana with IWEDGODDESS to fill Gothic/Ambience/Atmospheric Character. Lately on August 2007, Hafid was dismembered from the band, and was replaced by Ayo McOdd. Then in January 2010 Ayo McOdd decided to resign from Gelap and now the position has already replaced by FADHIL INDRA, he is also member of these bands: DISCUS, MAKARA, KJP and MONTECRISTO.
On March 30th 2010, IWEDGODDESS was dismembered from the band, and her position was replaced by LADY ATRISIA as Layer & Backing Vocal on April 8th 2010.

This Project should be: "Powerful but Feminist that touch up with a Dark Atmosphere in Harmony and burning up with bunch of progressive, symphonic and experimental instruments".. Luv Thee!

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FADHIL INDRA - Piano/Keyboard
HERRY - Drums

LADY ATRISIA - Layer/Backing Vocal

OEWIS - Bass
01 Juni 2007
Label : Henceforth Records, Indonesia
Its Indonesian Female Fronted Gothic Rock/Metal Compilation, that released in June 2007, content 10 tracks by Henceforth Records, Indonesia. More info Click :
Track list : 
1    SADIE - Marionette
2    ELMEOD - Elegy Of The Bleeding Heart [Remix]
3    MILAGROSH - Sembah Sujud
4    GOG MAGOG - Theater Tubuh Download 
5    TOTAL TRAGEDY - Labyrinth
6    GELAP - Ashes Download 
7    CAMBOJA - Rendezvous Of The Broken Heart
8    AMERTA - Khayalan Nyata Download  
9    SUKU QLAWU - Lambaian Perpisahan Download 
10    CANDLE LIGHT - LAst Wings

31 Desember 2008
Label : CD [Indie], CASSETTES [Henceforth Records, Indonesia]
Its GELAP debut album that released in CD [PC CD-ROM, Wav Files] by GELAP on December 31st 2008 [new Year eve 2009], and Cassettes by Henceforth Records Indonesia on November 30th 2008 in Indonesia.
CD distributed by GELAP Management in Indonesia [distribution point in Indonesia will be informed as soon!] and other countries/ overseas by mail order. Cassettes distributed by GELAP and Henceforth Records, Indonesia.
This Album content 7 dark harmonic tasty and rawkin tracks which will lead you to understand that there will be no light without darkness!
Buy This Album! n be Dark with us!
Track list :
1    ASHES Download 
2    GERBANG TIMUR Download
3    DARK LEGION Download
6    IN THESE GRAVES Download
7    ENDING THEME [Instrumental]

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Metabolix is a band gothic metal from tanah melayu,Bengkalis,Riau.
Established in 2002.
metabolix gothic metal

Formation : 
Guitar I : Andri Sabbath
Guitar II : Ridho Vicious
Bass : De2k RoToR
Drum : Wyra Asmorensa 666
Keyboard : Chandra reflix
Female Vocal : Diana turunen
additional gitar: empu b-doel
additional gitar: ironxian
additional keyboard: Andri Jembalank

Genre :   Gothic metal ( harmony malay gothic metal )

Track list / Discography :
Impian asa ( Dumai Api luka Prod)
Tragedi hati (Pekan baru Jaga Sound Record )
Titian tanpa batas (Pekan baru Jaga Sound Record )
Laskar hitam melayu (Pekan baru Jaga Sound Record )
Goresan dosa

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