Stream of Passion profile band and download mp3

Stream of Passion profile band and download mp3
Stream of Passion is a Symphonic Progressive Metal / Gothic Metal band from Holland, which was founded by Arjen Anthony Lucassen (guitar) and Marcela Bovio (vocals) in 2005.
Because the personnel Stream of Passion where he lived thousands of miles apart (the Netherlands, Sweden, and Mexico), Stream of Passion album mostly written over the internet. Stream of Passion-themed lyrics about emotions.

Stream of Passion influenced by Metal bands like Within Temptation, Evanescence, The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, and Ayreon.
On March 4, 2007, Arjen Anthony Lucassen said in an interview on his website that he will come out of the Stream of Passion. Arjen Anthony Lucassen will fully concentrate on Ayreon.
A few days later, Lori Linstruth (guitar) and Alejandro Millan (keyboards) has also been decided to leave the Stream of Passion and focus on personal lives and their own musical projects.
Jeffrey Revet (keyboards), Eric Hazebroek (guitar), and Stephan Schultz (guitar), later published as a new member of the Stream of Passion to complement the new line-up.
In August 2008, Stream of Passion announced that it has signed a contract with Napalm Records.

* Marcela Bovio [Elfonía, Hydra, the Dalai] - Vocals, Violin (2005-Present)
* Eric Hazebroek [Trisomy, Daeonia, Manifest, The Saturnine] - Guitar (2007-Present)
* Stephan Schultz - Guitar (2007-Present)
* Johan van Stratum [Agitator, Ratcom, Forcefeed] - Bass (2005-Present)
* Jeffrey Revet [Snakes and Sirens] - Keyboard, Piano (2007-Present)
* Martijn Peters [novAct, Stentorian, The Saturnine] - Drums (2009-Present)

Session Members / Live Members :

* Diana Bovio - Backing Vocals


     * Wherever You Are [Single] (2005)
     * Embrace the Storm (2005) download
     * Out in the Real World [Single] (2006)
     * Live in the Real World [DVD] (2006)
     * Live in the Real World [Live] (2006)
     * The Flame Within (2009) download

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