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Muppeth - Death Metal - Download Mp3 + Biography

Free Download Mp3 Death Metal Band Now, MUPPETH....
Details Download  :
Band / Artist : Muppeth
Genre / Style : Death Metal
Country : Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
Album :
Years : 2011
Track List :
1.Mati Di Gorok Download
2.Blinded Of Future Download
3.Save Our Soul Download
Muppeth - Death Metal
       Biography :

       Muppeth was born at sept 15, 1996 in Bandar Lampung. At the begining muppeth have 5 personil : Ajo, Obeer, Andre, Agoest, Dhodie, and band manager was handle by Rusli Politan. Muppeth was view times change their personil : from Obeer to Rhino, and Rhino to Akip. Akip not have a long time in the band, he was resign from the band because of his activity in police departement. And Rhino joint again with the band, but after a view mounth Rhino resign from the band because he get a new band. With 4 personil, Muppeth make their promo tape with title "Destiny of God" and joint with Tangerang Gerilya's compilation. In march of 2000, the guitarist,Andre, move to Bandung city, and then Ajo resign from the band To fill out the gap, Muppeth was engange Putra (vocals) from Tobat band and Tatan (bass). The influence is Cannibals Corpse, Dying Petus, Cryotopsy. Muppeth play their music concept wich they call with Blasphemy Violence Hyperblast. Muppeth have the other tape demo containing with 5 song. In year of 2009, Muppeth back again in metal activity. At the present the band have 2 new video clip, and they prepare the new song matery. Until now, Muppeth still exist in their line is Death Metal.
Muppeth Logo
Line Up :
Agoest : Guitar
Dhodie : Drum
Putra : Vokal

Rusli Politan

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