Visions Of Atlantis Video New Dawn
"New Dawn" is the new video of the Austrians VISIONS OF ATLANTIS. The topic is included in "Delta", the fourth album by the band that is selling these days via Napalm Records.

Sister Sin Video Clip "24/7"

Sister Sin Video Clip 24/7
"24 / 7" is the new clip of the Swedish SISTER SIN. Again was directed by Richard Frantzen, who has worked with the band in the video "Sound Of The Underground". Both issues are included on the album "True Sound Of The Underground".
 Sister Sin Video Clip "24/7"
Leaves Eyes Video Clip To France
LEAVES' EYES have recorded a video of the cover of Mike Olfield who wanted to include in their latest album, "Mered" (on sale April 22 via Napalm Records). This is the song "To France" and the film have had the work of director Patric Ullaeus of Revolver Film Company, who has worked with the likes of DIMMU BORGIR, LACUNA COIL, IN FLAMES, SONIC SYNDICATE and KAMELOT, among others.
 Leaves Eyes Video Clip "To France"
"You I Need" is the new video of the Finnish AMORPHIS, which was recorded on 29 April in Berlin. The topic is included on the album "The Beginning Of Times", ready for next May 27 via Nuclear Blast Records.
Amorphis Video Clip "You I Need"
Cradle Of Filth Video Clip Lilith Immaculate
"Lilith Immaculate" is the new Cradle of Filth music video, directed by Ross Bolidai London.
 Cradle Of Filth Video Clip "Lilith Immaculate"

Trivium Video Clip "In Waves"

Trivium Video Clip In Waves
"In Waves", the issue in advance of the album of the same title TRIVIUM Americans already have the video clip.

"Set In Stone" is the new videoclip of Australians LORD. The clip was filmed and directed by Dusk Music Video Production and includes snippets of the film "Alien Armageddon" by Neil Johnson. The song is included on the album of the same title, published in August 2009 via Riot! Entertainment.
Lord Video Clip "Set In Stone"
Children of Bodom Video Clip Roundtrip To Hell And Back
"Roundtrip To Hell And Back" is the second clip extracted from "Relentless Reckless Forever", the new work of Finns Children of Bodom.
ROXXCALIBUR recently released video of the song "Satan's Serenade" (cover QUARTZ). The song is for the band's second album "Lords Of The NWOBHM," which saw the light on May 20 via Limb Music 
Latest Album Megadeth 2011 - The future of Megadeth's new album is called "13" and is expected in November via Roadrunner Records. Dave Mustaine explained to Tom Russell of Rock Radio in the backstage of the edition of Sonisphere Knebworth, United Kingdom, the reason for the choice of such digitized title: "I ​​started playing guitar at 13, this is our thirteenth album and I was born on 13. "
Latest Album Megadeth 
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LACUNA COIL Italians call "Dark Adrenaline" his new album, set for October via Century Media Records. The continuation of "Shallow Life" (2009) is again produced by Don Gilmore (Pearl Jam, LINKIN PARK, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE), but this time in Italy.
New Album Lacuna Coil
Album Review Details :
Band / artist : Vampires Everywhere!
Album : Kiss The Sun Goodbye (Hot Topic Version)
Release year : 2011
Genre: Post-Hardcore / Electronic
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 137 Mb
Vampires Everywhere! - Kiss The Sun Goodbye
1.Bury Me Alive
2.Immortal Love
3.Undead Heart
4.Ashes To Ashes
5.Kill the Chemicals
6.Bleeding Rain
7.Carnage At the Castle
8.The Embrace
9.Lipstick Lies
10.Children of the Night
11.Call Out the Dead
12.Silver Bullets Don’t Kill Vampires
13. Let Me In (Hot Topic Exclusive)
14. Forever, Forever (Hot Topic Exclusive)
15. Dear Eliza (Hot Topic Exclusive)
16. Immortal Love Remix (Hot Topic Exclusive)
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Details Album Review :
Band / Artist : Morta Skuld
Album : Through The Eyes Of Death (Best of Compilation)
Release year : 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Death Metal
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps
Size: 84 Mb
Album Review Morta Skuld - Through The Eyes Of Death (Best of Compilation) (2011)
Morta Skuld - Through The Eyes Of Death 
1. Intro 00:30
2. Sacrificial Rite 03:26
3. Gory Departure 03:47
4. Preacher of Lies 03:23
5. Senseless Killing 02:20
6. Through the Eyes of Death 01:01
7. Feast From Within 04:07
8. Prolong the Agony 04:18
9. ...Of Evil 04:06
10. Eternal Suffering 04:31
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