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Profile Band Innerbeauty 'gothic metal'

innerbeauty gothic metal band
On October 17, 1998 Irvan Nursick and Viola Santi formed INNERBEAUTY in Jakarta Indonesia. In the beginning they played Power Doom Metal. It sounded like 'Nightwish, Halloween, and Rhapsody. In first formation they used additional musicians, but it couldn't exist for long time until they founded fit line up. In that moment Innerbeauty were vacuumed for one year.

On November 23, 2000 INNERBEAUTY got a drummer named Trisapto but after he signed in to the band, sooner he left the band. Andyan Gorust took it position immediately while INNERBEAUTY recruited a bass player named Tommy.

On September 13, 2002 with that line up, their first album entitled “Peace Through Understanding” was released by 'Extreme Noise Records Indonesia with indie label cassette format.

They sent that record to labels outside Indonesia, then the record was re-released by 'Japanese record label named called Bloodbath Records in CD format eith the new title “The Unity of God”. It was distributed not in Japan only, but in America and Europe. Bloodbath Records has introduced this band to International scene.

To fulfill another demand in Indonesia “Peace Through Understanding” was re-released in Indonesia by Bizarre Sounds Production with new title “Let's be Conscience be Your Guide”.

After those all 'Andyan Gorust signed off from the band and INNERBEAUTY recruited some musicians they are new drummer named 'Bima Satria, second guitarist named 'Sigit (Oghe SP) and a keyboard/piano player named 'Irfan ‘Crode' Nurfajari. With this brand new line up INNERBEAUTY changes their music concept to Modern Gothic Metal. 'INNERBEAUTY has released a new album called 'For Our Souls' on Cassettes & CDs Format With Good Quality Sounds.
Prepare your mind....
Turn your speaker up....
and Enjoy with virtual ode.. "

Title : For Our Souls (Contains 13songs).
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered : Zhabreaks Sounds Guaranteed.
Released : Sony Bmg Music Entertainment

Viola Santi (Female Vocal)
Irvan Nursick (Guitar vocal)
Oghe Sigit (Guitar)
Tommy Cronos (Bass)
Bima Satria (Drum)
Irfan 'Crode' (Keyboard & Piano)

About all info, Contact :

Email :
[email protected], [email protected]

+62 21 93802426
+62 81 6794477
MY SPACE / FRIENDSTER / YM : All Access, add Us : [email protected]


Compilation Albums / Label name / Type :

Metalik Klinik V / (Rotorcorp/Musica Studio) / Major
Panggilan Pulau Puaka V / (PSE/Pony Canyon Malaysia) / Major
Jeritan Hati 2 / (R.A Production) / Indie
Voices From The Funeral Fog II / (Fogflames Records) / Indie
Black Sound III / (Edelweiss Production) / Major
Tyrant Of Symphony Vol.01 / (Unflesh Production) Indie
Blackest Side / (Firstwave Records) / Indie
Sound Of Darkness 4 Part.2 / (Master Of Disharmony Records) / Indie
Spreading The Death / (Head In The Clouds Records) / Indie
Dark To Eternity / (Darkness Earth Production) / Indie
Black Goddess Rises / (Sins Production) / Indie
Beauty In dark season / (Bizarre Sounds Production) / Indie
Dark season / (Bizarre Sounds Production) / Indie
Sign Of Beauty / (Empat Lima Production) / Indie
The Lost Dream / (Insane dream Production) / Indie
Cahaya Bulan Chapter 'One / (R.A Production) / Indie
Tyrant Of Symphony Vol.02 / (Unflesh Production) / Indie
Astral Romance / (Bizarre Sounds Production) / Indie
Metaloblast / (Morbid Noise/ALFA Records) / Major
Revolution Of Sounds / (ZR Production/Sony Bmg Music) / Major

(1st) Album :
Peace Through Understanding (Extreme Noise records) ( Indonesia )
  Release on Cassette format.

Let's Be Conscience Be Your Guide (Bizarre Sounds Production)(Indonesia)
  Re-Release on Cassette format.

The Unity Of God (Bloodbath Records) (Japan)
  Re-Release on CD format.

(2nd) New Album :
For Our Souls (ZR Production/Sony BMG music Entertainment)
  Release on Cassette & CD.

Video CD :
FOR OUR LIVE (Bizarre Sounds Production) ( Indonesia )

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