RAVENLAND was founded on winter of 1997, by Dewindson Wolfheart, the band actually is one of the bigest names representant of Brasilian Gothic Metal Rockl.
Has did gigs besides of great names of world rock /metal cene like; THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, ANNEKE (ex-THE GATHERING), Danny Cavannagh (ANATHEMA), MOONSPELL, TIAMAT, NIGHTWISH and others...

The last studio album "and a crow brings me back" 2009 ...has the special guesties as Ricardo Confessori on drummer studio sessions (ANGRA/SHAMAN/KORZUS) and Tommy Lindal (ex-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY) as guitar player guest in two songs. The album was mastered in Germany by Waldemar Sorychta (TIAMAT, MOONSPELL, LACUNA COIL, FLOWING TEARS, SENTENCED, SAMAEL...)

The "End of Light" video clipe is displayed on Brazilian MTV till today and others songs from this album like "Solmoon" are played till day on Japan, American and European Radios.

In this moment, the band records his new album without title with 12 songs that mixing feellings and emotions with heavy and energy of rock and metal. The band release the new EP "Memories" with 4 songs:1 "Memories",2"Memories" (acoustic version),3 "Regret" (11version) and 4 "Fire in the Sky" (Ozzy´s cover - bonus track) - Release April of 2011.

Finishing the 2011 year, the band debuts a new singer Juliana Rossi at show with SIRENIA (Noruega) band.
"...and a crow brings me back" 2009
"After the sun hides..." 2001

"Memories" - 2011
"Zoombie date Compilation" - 2010
"Back" - 2008
"Black" - 2007
"Tribute to Darkness" - 2004
"an existence of evil" Tribute to Rotting Christ - 2003
"Live at Kalimar" Demo - 1999
"October of..." Demo - 1998
Ravenland - Memories (EP) (2011)
Ravenland - Memories (EP) (2011)
Country: Brazil
Genre: Gothic Metal
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 48 Mb

1. Regret 2011
2. Memories
3. Fire in The Sky (Bonus track)
4. Memories (Acoustic)
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Cassandra Syndrome - Satire X (2011
Cassandra Syndrome - Satire X (2011)
Hailing from Maryland, Cassandra Syndrome is a female-fronted operatic metal band. This passionate, engaging act strikes the perfect balance between playful and sinister. Cassandra Syndrome is an intimate theater of darkness and seduction.

Country : USA
Genre : Operatic Gothic Metal
Quality : Mp3, CBR 320 kbps

Cassandra Syndrome - Satire X (2011)

1. No More Peace Forever
2. Hell on Earth
3. The Fool
4. The Magus
5. Shackles
6. Poison Rain
7. The Priestess
8. What You Wanted
9. The Iron Cross
10. Pestilence
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A New Dawn - Seven Faces Of Truth (2011)
A New Dawn - Seven Faces Of Truth (2011)
Country : Netherlands
Genre : Melodic/Gothic Metal/Female Vocal
Quality : Mp3, VBR V0 kbps

A New Dawn - Seven Faces Of Truth (2011)

1. My Name Is Dawn
2. Contradiction
3. Desire
4. Composition of Life
5. Prelude to a Farewell (Part II)
6. Theatre of Fears
7. Battle in Twilight (Contradiction Part II)
8. The Madness Within
9. Masque of the Red Death
10. Final Verdict
11. Bellare Ad Aeturnus
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 Autumn – Cold Comfort (2011)
Autumn – Cold Comfort (2011)
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Gothic Metal
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 134 mb

1. The Scarecrow (5:15)
2. Changes For The Bitter (bonus (4:11)
3. The Mute (Inhale) (bonus track (4:36)
4. Cold Comfort (5:36)
5. Black Stars In A Blue Sky (4:43)
6. Retrospect (5:00)
7. Alloy (7:17)
8. End Of Sorrow (4:35)
9. Naeon (4:46)
10. Truth Be Told (Exhale) (bonus track) (5:56)
11. The Venamoured (bonus track)(6:29)
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Pursuing The End - Dawn Of Expiation (Ep 2011)
Pursuing The End project was born in Parma, Italy during May 2010, from both Caterina and Giacomo’s ideas. The band was officially formed in June of 2010. Stefano, Alex, Alessio, Giuseppe and Tomek all took part in the band’s first line-up. Several months later, the band Pursuing The End started to introduce their own music live on local stages. Their EP “Dawn Of Expiation” came out in May 2011 an...d was recorded by the RealSound Studio (Crysalys, The Way Of Purity) in Parma. In the extended play Pursuing the End included songs that clearly delineate their symphonic metal profile: big orchestrations are melted with dark sounds and play along with quick tight drum rhythms and lead vocals. A very special thing about this EP is the extraordinary starring of four lyrical soloists and of M° Paolo Furlani (Italian Opera composer). This auto-produced record gained good attention and approval by the critics and public.
Several weeks after releasing their first EP, both guitarists left the project for personal reasons. The band welcomed Davide Rinaldi, with whom they have achieved further validations: they participated at Emergenza Festival’s semi-final, they placed first in a local band contest and also released the song “Followers of the Wrong Way” in “Kill City Vol. 33”, an American play list by 272 Records (summer 2011).
With Davide the band is currently writing new songs. The first full-length album will contain surprising sounds and new experimentations.
Giacomo Benamati : Male Vocals & Growls
Maria Caterina Bonfanti : Female Vocals
Davide Rinaldi : Guitars
Stefano Bottarelli : Keys & Synths and Orchestral Arrangements
G. Mortimer Sterlicchio : Bass Guitar
Alessio Massimo : Drums
[Artworks & Graphic Designs by Gaspare Frazzitta - Gasp]

Pursuing The End - Dawn Of Expiation (Ep 2011)
Pursuing The End - Dawn Of Expiation (Ep 2011)
Country: Italy
Genre: Symphonic Gothic Metal
Quality: mp3, VBR 285 kbps
Size: 33 mb


1. Aeterna Fuga - Prologue (2:14)
2. Followers Of The Wrong Way (4:52)
3. Call The Priest (3:10)
4. Dawn Of Expiation (5:20)
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Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken [Single] (2011)
Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken [Single] (2011)
Country: USA
Genre: Alternative Rock/Gothic Rock
Quality: mp3@VBR V0
Size: 24 Mb

01 My Heart Is Broken [04:30]
02 My Heart Is Broken (Rock Mix) [04:29]
03 My Heart Is Broken (Pop Mix) [04:03]
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Salah satu band gothic metal papan atas indonesia ini tanggal 10 Novermber kemaren memposting Single terbarunya untuk bisa di download gratis buat para gothess semua..." \m/Stay Doom Goth\m/ " begitu kata total tragedy band.
Total Tragedy Band.jpg
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Band Name / Art : Total Tragedy
Genre / Lyrical Style : Gothic Doom Metal
Title Song : Paradise Lost
Country : Surabaya Indonesia
Publishing : November ,2011
Line-Up :
- Harru TT (vocal), - Hendra (drum), - Tommy (Guitar), - Patrick (Guitar),- Surya (key), - Erlyn (Female Vocal)

Free Download Mp3 :
Here / Here (Mobile Download) Pass : gothragedy