Cradle of Filth is Death Metal / Symphonic Black Metal / Symphonic Extreme Gothic Metal band from Suffolk, England who formed in 1991.

Cradle of Filth's music style evolved from Black Metal to Gothic Black Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Dark Metal and Extreme Metal.

Cradle of Filth-themed lyrics about gothic literature, poetry, mythology and horror films.

Cradle of Filth often perform at large festivals such as Ozzfest, Download Festival and Sziget Festival.

Cradle of Filth is a metal band from the UK's most successful after Iron Maiden.

Cradle of Filth have produced nine studio albums, 1 live album, a compilation album, 3 albums EPs, 2 singles albums, 3 albums music videos and 15 videos.

Former Personnel:

Andrea Meyer "Nebelhexë" Haugen - Vocals (1994)
Cneajna Danielle Cottington - Vocals (1996, 1998)
Sarah Jezebel Deva / Sarah Jane Ferridge (Angtoria, Mortiis, Therion, Mystic Circle) - Vocals (1996-2009)
Paul Ryan - Guitar (1991-1994)
Tishi Mehta - Guitar (1994)
Bryan Hipp - Guitar (1994-1995)
Stuart Anstis - Guitar (1994-1999)
Jared Demeter - Guitar (1996)
Gian Pyres / John Piras - Guitar (1996-2002)
Jeff Acres - Guitar (1997-1998)
Martin "Foul" Powell - Guitar, Violin, Keyboard (2000-2005)
Jon Kennedy - Bass (1991-1992)
Robin "Graves" Eaglestone - Bass, Guitar (1992-2001)
Charles Hedger - Bass, Guitar (2005-2010)
Benjamin Ryan - Keyboards (1992-1994)
Damien Gregori - Keyboards (1994-1997)
Les "Lecter" Smith - Keyboards (1997-1999)
William A. "Was" Sarginson - Keyboard, Drums (1999-2000)
Mark Newby-Robson - Keyboards (1999, 2006-2008)
Rosie Smith - Keyboard (2005-2009)
Darren "Daz" J. White - Drums (1991-1992)
Nicholas Howard Barker (Dimmu Borgir) - Drums (1992-1999)
Dave Hirschheimer - Drums (1999)
Adrian Erlandsson - Drums (1999-2006)


Dani Filth / Daniel Lloyd Davey - Vocals (1991-Present)
Paul Allender - Guitar (1992-1994, 1999-Present)
James McIlroy - Guitar (2003-2005, 2009-Present)
Herr pubis / Dave Pybus (Angtoria) - Bass (2002-Present)
Ashley "Ellyllon" Jurgemeyer - Keyboard, vocals (2009-Present)
Martin "Marthus" Škaroupka - Drums, Percussion (2006-Present)


The Principle of Evil Made Flesh (1994)
Dusk ... and Her Embrace (1996)
Cruelty and the Beast (1998)
Midian (2000)
Damnation and a Day (2003)
Nymphetamine (2004)
Thornography (2006)
Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder (2008)
All Hallows Eve (2010)

* * *

Download mp3 Cradle of Filth album The Principle of Evil Made Flesh (1994)
Summer Dying Fast download
The Black Goddess Rises download
The Principle of Evil Made Flesh download
To Eve the Art of Witchcraft download

Download mp3 Cradle of filth album Dusk... and Her Embrace (1996)
A Gothic Romance download
Dusk... and Her Embrace download
Funeral In Carpathia download
Hell Awaits download

Download mp3 Cradle of filth album Vempire or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein [EP] (1996)
Queen Of Winter, Throned download
Vampire download

Download mp3 Cradle of filth album Cruelty and the Beast (1998)
Bathory Aria download
Beneath the Howling Stars download
Black Metal download
Desire in Violent Overture download
Portrait of the Dead Countess download
The Twisted Nails of Faith download
Venus In Fear download

Download mp3 Cradle of filth album From the Cradle to Enslave [EP] (1999)
From the Cradle to Enslave download
Perverts Church download
Sleepless download
Download mp3 Cradle of filth album Midian (2000)
Cthulu Dawn download
Her Ghost in the Fog download
Lord Abortion download

Download mp3 Cradle of filth album  Bitter Suites to Succubi [EP] (2001)
Born in a Burial Gown download
No Time to Cry download
Scorched Earth Erotica download
Suicide And Other Comforts download

Download mp3 Cradle of filth album  Live Bait for the Dead [Live] (2002)
The Fire Still Burns download

Download mp3 Cradle of filth album Damnation and a Day (2003)
Babalon A.D. download
Better to Reign in Hell download
Mannequin download
Thank God for the Suffering download
The Promise of Fever download

Coffin Fodder download
English Fire download
Filthy Little Secret download
Gabrielle download
Medusa And Hemlock download
Mr.Crowley download
Nemesis download
Nymphetamine download
Swansong for a Raven download

Cemetery and Sundown download
Dirge Inferno download
Libertina Grimm download
Lovesick for Mina download
Rise of the Pentagram download
The Byronic Man download
The Foetus of a New Day Kicking download
Temptation download
Tonight in Flames download
Under Huntress Moon download

Download mp3 Cradle of filth album Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder (2008)
Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder download
Honey and Sulphur download
The Death of Love download
Tragic Kingdom download
Tacere is a Metal band from Helsinki, Finland, founded by Karri Knuutila (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards) in 2002 with initial name "Tacet Lacrimae" (as a solo project Karri Knuutila).

Tacere subgenre combines elements of different Metal (Melodic Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Neo-Classical Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal) and has a vocal male and female.

Tacere often compared to that of the Finnish Metal band, Nightwish.

The album "Beautiful Darkness" (2007), was released in Finland, Europe, Japan and several other Asian countries.

Taiya R. - Female Vocals
Karri Knuutila / Karri de Monet - Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Keyboard
Pekka Pyrhönen - Bass
Veli-Matti Kananen - Keyboard
Jarno "Jake" Vanhanen - Drums

Former Personnel:
Helena Haaparanta - Female Vocals
Esa Sokajärvi - Guitar
Pekka Jokinen - Bass
Leandro Matos - Bass
Janne Salminen - Keyboards

Into Your Dreams [Demo] (2002)
Glacial Night [Demo] (2003)
The Legend Of Gévaudan [Demo] (2004)
Emoción Muerte [demo] (2004)
Eras Reveries [Demo] (2005)
I Devour [Single] (2006)
A Voice In The Dark [EP] (2006)
Beautiful Darkness (2007)
TBA (2010)

* * *

Download mp3 Tacere album Beautiful Darkness (2007)
A Voice In The Dark download
Beautiful Darkness download
Bitter, Regressive download
Black Roses download
Born of the Ground download
Deep Tears of Tragedy download
Excursion download
I Devour download
Trail of Tears is a Gothic Metal / Symphonic Black Metal / Death Metal band from Kristiansand, Norway, formed in 1994 with initial name "Natt".

In 1997, the band changed its name to "Trail of Tears", in order to reflect the evolution of their music and the changes that were made from their initial line-up.

Trail of Tears themed lyrics about despair and violence.

In 1998, Trail of Tears a European tour with Tristania, Cradle of Filth, Biohazard and The Sins of Thy Beloved. Trail of Tears also featured at Dynamo Open Air Festival.

In 2000, Trail of Tears appeared in major festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Quart Festival, Eurorock and Metal Dayz.

In 2004, Trail of Tears tour in 14 European countries with Therion and Tristania. In 2007, Trail of Tears show at Germany's Summer Breeze Festival, and Sweden Rock Festival, then continue with the tour in North America with Echoes of Eternity and Unexpect. Trail of Tears also appeared at Wave Gothic Treffen and Metal Mania Open Air.

Personil :
Ronny Thorsen (Tristania) - Harsh Vocals (1994-Sekarang)
Cathrine Paulsen - Soprano Vocals (2000-2004, 2007-Sekarang)
Bjørn Erik Næss - Gitar (2007-Sekarang)
Pål Olsen - Gitar (2007-Sekarang)
Endre Moe - Bass (2007-Sekarang)
Cato Jensen - Drum (2007-Sekarang)

Mantan Personil :
Ales Vik - Soprano Vocals (1994-1997)
Helena Iren Michaelsen (Imperia) - Soprano Vocals (1997-2000)
Kjetil Nordhus (Tristania) - Clean Vocals (2003-2006)
Emmanuelle Zoldan (Sirenia, Turisas) - Soprano Vocals (2007)
Michael Krumins (Sirenia) - Gitar (1997)
Runar Hansen - Gitar (1997-2006)
Terje Heiseldal - Rhythm (1997-2005)
Kjell Rune Hagen - Bass (1997-2006)
Frank Roald Hagen - Keyboard, Synthesizers (1997-2006)
Bernt Moen - Keyboard (2007)
Audun Gronnestad (Imperia) - Keyboard (2009)
Vidar Uleberg - Drum (1994-1997)
Jonathan Perez (Sirenia) - Drum (1997-2006)

Disclosure in Red (1998) download
Profoundemonium (2000)
A New Dimension of Might (2002)
Free Fall into Fear (2005)
Existentia (2007) download
Bloodstained Endurance (2009) download
After Forever is a Symphonic Gothic Metal band from Reuver, Limburg, the Netherlands, which was formed in 1995 with initial name "Apocalypse". The name "After Forever" is taken from the title of the song Black Sabbath.

After Forever dipengaruh by classical music, Doom Metal, Gothic Metal, Power Metal and Progressive Metal. After Forever themed lyrics about relationships, social issues, and fundamentalism.

In 2002, Mark Jansen (guitars, harsh vocals), one of the major composers of After Forever, out of After Forever and then form the Symphonic Gothic Metal band, Epica.

June 2007, After Forever became the band's opener in the Dimebag Darrel Stage, the Download Festival.

In January 2008, it was announced that After Forever will break at least one year for health reasons Sander Gommans (guitars, harsh vocals) who has been absent in most of the After Forever album promo tour. Floor Jansen (vocals) announced that the band will gather again in early 2009 to discuss the future of After Forever.

In February 2009, After Forever announced they disbanded.

Last Personnel:

     * Floor Jansen [ReVamp, Star One, Ayreon] - Vocals (1997-2009)
     * Sander Gommans [HDK] - Guitar, Harsh Vocals (1995-2009)
     * Bas Maas [Karma, Tank Buster Jack, Rock Justice, Doro] - Guitar, Clean Vocals (2002-2009)
     * Luuk van Gerven [Cardamon, Xystus] - Bass (1996-2009)
     Joost van den Broek * [Galexia, Sun caged, Neoshine, Ayreon, The Supremacy, Sphere of Souls, Expedition Delta, Freak Neil Inc.., HDK, ReVamp] - Keyboard (2004-2009)
     * André Borgman [Valentine, Rebelstar, Hangover Hero] - Drums, Percussion (2000-2009)

Former Personnel:

     * Mark Jansen [Epica / Sahara Dust, Mayan, Les Faidits] - Guitar, Harsh Vocals (1995-2002)
     * Jack Driessen - Keyboards (1995-2000)
     * Lando van Gils - Keyboards (2000-2004)
     * Joep Beckers [Triple 7, Engine of Pain] - Drums, percussion (1995-2000)

Guest Musicians :

    * Sharon Janny den Adel [Within Temptation] - Vocal (2000)
    * Melissa 't Hart - Soprano (2000)
    * Yvonne Rooda - Alto (2000)
    * Caspar De Jonge - Tenor (2000)
    * Simone Johanna Maria Simons [Epica, Ayreon, Kamelot, Primal Fear, Equilibrio] - Vokal (2007)
    * Irene Jansen - Vokal (2007)
    * George Oosthoek - Vokal (2007)
    * Dorothee Pesch [Doro, Snakebite, Warlock]  - Vokal (2007)
    * Damian Wilson [Threshold, Headspace, Landmarq] - Vokal
    * Marko Tapani "Marco" Hietala [Nightwish, Tarot, Northern Kings, Sapattivuosi, Sinergy, Delain, Altaria, Amorphis] - Vokal, Bass, Gitar (2005)
    * Amanda Somerville [Somerville, Aina, Avantasia, Epica, HDK, Edguy, Kamelot, Luca Turilli, Shaman, Virgo, Mob Rules, Asrai] - Alto (2007)
    * Rannveig Sif Sigurdardottir - Mezzo-soprano (2007)
    * Jeff Waters [Annihilator] - Gitar (2007)
    * Previn Moore - Bass (2007)
    * Hans Cassa - Bass (2000)
Single Albums :

    * Follow In The Cry (2000)
    * Emphasis/Who Wants To Live Forever (2002)
    * Monolith Of Doubt (2002)
    * My Choice/The Evil That Men Do (2003)
    * Digital Deceit (2004)
    * Being Everyone (2005)
    * Two Sides/Boundaries Are Open (2006)
    * Energize Me (2007)
    * Equally Destructive (2007)

     * Ephemeral [Demo] (1999)
     * Wings of Illusion [Demo] (1999)
     * Prison of Desire (2000) download
     * Decipher (2001) download
     * Exordium [EP] (2003)
     * Invisible Circles (2004) download
     * Remagine (2005) download
     * Mea Culpa [Compilation] (2006)
     * After Forever (2007) download
Sirenia is a Gothic Symphonic Metal band from Stavanger, Norway, which was formed by Morten Veland in 2001 with initial name "Masters of Sirenia".

Sirenia combines a mixture of Gothic Metal and Symphonic Metal, as well as elements of Extreme Metal and Death Metal. Sirenia uses melodic instrumentals, synthesizers and guitar distortion with female vocals, death metal vocals male, male vocals, clean, chorus, and violin.

Sirenia themed lyrics about life, death, emotion, love, hatred, paranoia, and anxiety. All songs created by Morten Veland Sirenia. Morten Veland musical works already pretty well known through his work with his former band, Tristania, a band which he founded in the mid-nineties.

Sirenia has produced 4 studio albums, 1 EP (Sirenian Shores - 2004), 2 singles (My Mind's Eye, The Path To Decay), and 3 music video (My Mind's Eye, The Other Side, The Path To Decay)


Pillar "Ailyn" Giménez García - Vocals (2008-Present)
Morten Veland (Ex. Tristania) - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Programming (2001-Present)
Michael S. Krumins (Ex. Trail of Tears) - Guitar, Harsh Vocals (2008-Present)
Jonathan A. Perez (Ex. Trail of Tears) - Drums (2003-Present)

Former Personnel:

Fabienne Gondamin - Vocals (2002)
January Kenneth Barkved - Vocals (2002)
Henriette Bordvik - Vocals (2002-2005)
Emmanuelle Zoldan - vocals (2004)
Monika Pedersen - Vocals (2006-2007)
Kristian Gundersen - Guitar (2002)
Bjørnar Landa - Guitar (2004-2006)
Kristian Olav Torp - Bass (2008)
Hans Henrik Varland - Keyboard (2001-2003)
Pete Johansen (Tristania) - Violin (2002)
Anne Verdot - Violin (2004)
Stephanie Valentin - Violin (2009)
Roland Navratil - Drums (2004-2005, 2009)


At Sixes and Sevens (2002) download
An Elixir for Existence (2004) download
Nine destinies and a Downfall (2007) download
The 13th Floor (2009) download
TBA (December 2010)
Nemesea is a Symphonic Gothic Metal / Gothic Rock band from Groningen, the Netherlands, with the influence of Pop and Rock, which was formed by Manda Ophuis (vocals) and Hendrik Jan de Jong (guitar) in September 2002.

Nemesea music style is often compared to that After Forever. Nemesea themed lyrics about love, sadness, and darkness.

After recording a 3 song demo Nemesea debuted live as support act for After Forever.

Personil :

    * Manda Ophuis [Dark Moor] - Vokal (2002-Sekarang)
    * Hendrik Jan de Jong [Dark Moor] - Gitar (2002-Sekarang)
    * Sonny Onderwater - Bass (2002-Sekarang)
    * Lasse Dellbrügge [Ex. Orphanage] - Keyboard (2009-Sekarang)
    * Steven Bouma - Drum (2006-Sekarang)

Mantan Personil :

    * Martijn Pronk - Gitar (2002–2007)
    * Berto Booijink - Keyboard (2002–2007)
    * Chris Postma - Drum (2002–2005)
    * Sander Zoer [Delain] - Drum (2005-2006)

Guest Musicians :

    * Jacob Kongaika - Vokal (2007)
    * Mc Imonic Lee Hocklov - Backing Vocal (2007)


     * Mana (2004) download
     * No More [Demo] (2006)
     * In Control (2007) download
     * No More [Single] (2009)
     * Pure: Live @ P3 [Live] (2009)
     * TBA (December 2010
Omega Lithium is Industrial Gothic Metal band from Umag / Pula, Croatia, which formed in 2007.

Omega Lithium combine elements of rock, electro beats, Industrial Metal, Gothic, and Metal. Omega Lithium-themed lyrics about social conflicts, conspiracies and the dark side of humanity. Omega Lithium influenced by metal bands like Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, and many more.

Debut album "Dreams in Formaline" was released on September 18, 2009 under the label Drakkar Productions (Nightwish, Lordi, Letzte Instanz). The first single from the album Dreams in Formaline is "Stigmata. " The single was played on MTV Rock chart and occupy the position 4 on the MTV Adria Rock charts for over 2 months. Video "Stigmata" also appeared on European TV stations and around the world.

On 18 December 2009 - December 30, 2009, Omega Lithium toured together with the Folk Metal band from Germany, Subway to Sally, the tour "Kreuzfeuer".

On February 26, 2010, Omega Lithium announced that the debut album "Dreams in Formaline" North American version will be released by Artoffact Records on April 6, 2010 and includes a bonus track.

Omega Lithium awarded "Newcomer of the Year 2009" by Zillo (one of the leading music magazines in Germany) and Sonic Seducer (also one of the leading music magazines in Germany).

Mya Mortensen - Vocals (2007-Present)
Malice Rime - Guitar, synths, Backing Vocals (2007-Present)
Zoltan Harpax - Bass (2007-Present)
Torsten Nihill - Drums, Percussion (2007-Present)

Discography :
Dreams in Formaline (2009)
Infest download
Stigmata download
My Haunted Self download
Dreams in Formaline download
Andromeda download
Nebula download
Red Snow download
Hollow March download
Factor: Misery download
Angel's Holocaust download
Point Blank download
Ocean Dream download
Tristania is a Gothic Symphonic Metal band from Stavanger, Norway, formed in 1996 by Morten Veland (guitars, harsh vocals), Einar Moen (keyboards, synth, programming) and Kenneth Olsson (drums). A few weeks later Høyvik Hidle Anders (guitars, harsh vocals) and Rune Østerhus (bass) joined.

At first, Tristania album is based on Melodic Death Metal riffs with keyboard dominant, intimidating, and with the choir. Doom Metal is a strong influence, which can be heard slow, melancholic riffing.

Tristania puts many women at the opera vocals, choirs, and classical instruments like the pipe organ, piano, flute and violin.

At the beginning of the album, Tristania also highlight the combination of "Harsh Vocals" Morten Veland, with female opera vocals, and gothic choirs.

Tristania lyrics theme of sadness and despair.

The first album Tristania, Widow's Weeds, recorded in late 1997 and released in early 1998. This album is the album Symphonic Metal with elements of various genres, including Gothic Metal, Death Metal, classical music, and Black Metal.

Tristania doing their first tour outside of Norway, support Lacrimosa in Belgium and Mind Over Matter Festival in Austria in August 1998. Later that same year, Tristania continue their first European tour together Solefald and Haggard.

February 2005, Tristania tour of Europe and Latin America together with Nightwish, Gothminister, and Kreator. Tristania also performed at Wacken Open Air 2005.

On 12 May 2010, Tristania announce their 6th album title, Rubicon, which was released on June 9, 2010, and is set between 25 August 2010 and August 31, 2010.

Tristania has produced six studio albums, 1 EP (Tristania - 1997), and 1 single (Angina - 1999).

Mariangela "Mary" Demurtas - Female Vocals (2007-Present)
Kjetil Nordhus (Trail of Tears) - Clean Vocals (2010-Present)
Anders Høyvik Hidle - Guitar, Harsh Vocals (1996-Present)
Gyri Smørdal Losnegaard - Guitar (2009-Present)
Ole Vistnes - Bass, Backing Vocals (2009-Present)
Einar Moen - Keyboards, Synth, Programming (1996-Present)
Tarald Lie - Drums (2010-Present)

Former Personnel:
Vibeke Stene - Female Vocals (1996-2007)
Kjetil Ingebrethsen - Harsh Vocals (2001-2006)
Osten Bergøy - Clean Vocals (2001-2010)
Morten Veland (Sirenia) - Guitar, Harsh Vocals (1996-2001)
Svein Terje Solvang - Guitar (2005-2008)
Rune Østerhus - Bass (1996-2009)
Kenneth Olsson - Drums (1996-2010)

Session Members :
Jan Kenneth Barkved (Sirenia) - Clean Vocals (1999, 2001)
Ronny Thorsen (Trail of Tears) - Harsh Vocals (2001)
Vorphalack - Harsh Vocals (2006)
Kjell Rune Hagen (Trail of Tears) - Bass (2005-2009)
Hans Josef Groh - Cello (2005)
Gesa Hangen - Cello (2007)
Pete Johansen (Sirenia) - Violin (1998-2001, 2010)
Petra Stalz - Violin (2007)
Heike Haushalter - Violin (2007)
Monika Malek - Viola (2007)
Jonathan A. Perez (Sirenia, Trail of Tears) - Drum (2005)

Discography :
Widow's Weeds (1998) download
Beyond the Veil (1999) download
World of Glass (2001) download
Ashes (2005) download
Illumination (2007) download
Rubicon (25 August 2010)
Stream of Passion profile band and download mp3
Stream of Passion is a Symphonic Progressive Metal / Gothic Metal band from Holland, which was founded by Arjen Anthony Lucassen (guitar) and Marcela Bovio (vocals) in 2005.
Because the personnel Stream of Passion where he lived thousands of miles apart (the Netherlands, Sweden, and Mexico), Stream of Passion album mostly written over the internet. Stream of Passion-themed lyrics about emotions.

Stream of Passion influenced by Metal bands like Within Temptation, Evanescence, The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, and Ayreon.
On March 4, 2007, Arjen Anthony Lucassen said in an interview on his website that he will come out of the Stream of Passion. Arjen Anthony Lucassen will fully concentrate on Ayreon.
A few days later, Lori Linstruth (guitar) and Alejandro Millan (keyboards) has also been decided to leave the Stream of Passion and focus on personal lives and their own musical projects.
Jeffrey Revet (keyboards), Eric Hazebroek (guitar), and Stephan Schultz (guitar), later published as a new member of the Stream of Passion to complement the new line-up.
In August 2008, Stream of Passion announced that it has signed a contract with Napalm Records.

* Marcela Bovio [Elfonía, Hydra, the Dalai] - Vocals, Violin (2005-Present)
* Eric Hazebroek [Trisomy, Daeonia, Manifest, The Saturnine] - Guitar (2007-Present)
* Stephan Schultz - Guitar (2007-Present)
* Johan van Stratum [Agitator, Ratcom, Forcefeed] - Bass (2005-Present)
* Jeffrey Revet [Snakes and Sirens] - Keyboard, Piano (2007-Present)
* Martijn Peters [novAct, Stentorian, The Saturnine] - Drums (2009-Present)

Session Members / Live Members :

* Diana Bovio - Backing Vocals


     * Wherever You Are [Single] (2005)
     * Embrace the Storm (2005) download
     * Out in the Real World [Single] (2006)
     * Live in the Real World [DVD] (2006)
     * Live in the Real World [Live] (2006)
     * The Flame Within (2009) download
Imperia is the Symphonic Gothic Metal band from Holland that was formed in 2004. Imperia led by Helena Iren Michaelsen (vocals).

Imperia is a cross-border unit of musicians originating from different countries: Norway, Finland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Imperia themed lyrics about fantasy, mythology and dreams.

In 2004, Imperia played in several festivals and a tour supporting Nightwish in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Helena Iren Michaelsen (ex. Epica, Trail Of Tears) - vocals (2004-Present)
John "Let" Stam - Guitar (2004-Present)
Jan "Örkki" Yrlund - Guitar (2004-Present)
Gerry Verstrecken - Bass (2004-Present)
Audun Gronnestad - Orchestrations, Keys, Studio synths, guitar (2004-Present)
Stefan "Steve" Wolz - Drums (2004-Present)

Discography :
The Ancient Dance of Qetesh (2004) download
Queen of Light (2007) download
Stravaganzza is Symphonic Gothic Metal / Progressive Metal band from Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain, which was formed in 2004 with initial name "Dios".

Stravaganzza combines elements such as Extreme Metal Gothic Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Black 
Metal, Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal and Power Metal. Lyrics Stravaganzza theme of philosophy and sadness.

Debut album Stravaganzza, Primer Acto (2004), released under the label Avispa (Adagio, Angra, Avantasia, Cruachan, Edguy, Europe, Masterplan, Theatre Of Tragedy, Udo, and many more). Primer Acto very well received by the media. Primer Acto awarded "Revelation Band of the Year ".

The first live show ViñaRock Stravaganzza in 2004, with thousands of spectators attend the event. In 2005, Stravaganzza was invited to play at the festival Popkomm, Berlin. Stravaganzza also appeared again in ViñaRock in 2005.
Stravaganzza second album, Sentimientos [Segundo Acto] (2005), produced by Big Simon (Alejandro Sanz, Amaral, Celtas Cortos, Nacho Vega, Rosana, Joaquín Sabina, MAGO de Oz, Luis Cobos, Saratoga, Los Pecos, Sergio Dalma, Sober, Skizoo, Dark Moor, WarCry, Ebony Ark, Coilbox, Dreamaker, Silver Fist, Miguel Bose, Terroristars, Infernoise, FreakMind, and many more)

In 2006, Edu Fernández (bass) and Dani Pérez (drums) out of Stravaganzza. Many people assume that Stravaganzza be disbanded, because Dani Pérez is one of the most important member in Stravaganzza. However, in the same year, Leo Jiménez (vocals, rhythm) and Pepe Herrero (guitar, keyboards) announced that Patricio Babasasa (Krysalida) and Carlos Expósito (Ira Regia, 037) as a new member to complete the line-up Stravaganzza.

Stravaganzza has released four studio albums, 2 singles and one EP.


     * Leo Jiménez "037" [Saratoga, Supra, Alborde, Krysalida] - Vocals, Rhythm (2004-Present)
     * Pepe Herrero [Krysalida] - Guitar, Keyboard (2004-Present)
     * Patricio Babasasa [Krysalida] - Bass (2006-Present)
     * Carlos Expósito [Ira Regia, 037] - Drums, Percussion (2006-Present)

Live Members

     * Fernando Martín - Keyboard (2006-Present)
     * Rodrigo Calderón - Violin (2006-Present)
     * Aroa Martín [Khael] - Chorus (2006-Present)
     * Noemi Post - Contemporary Dancer
     * Merche Guerra - Dancer
     * Soraya Martín - Dancer
     * Natalia Barrios - Dancer's Body Painting

Former Personnel:

     * Edu Fernández [Skizoo, Khael, 037] - Bass (2004-2006)
     * Dani Pérez [Saratoga, Khael, Supra, Eczema, Skizoo] - Drums (2004-2006)


     * Primer Acto (2004) download
     * Sentimientos [Segundo Acto] (2005) download
     * Hijo Del Miedo [EP] (2006) download
     * reflected Acto Requiem (2007) download
     * Que Te Follen [Single] (2010)
     * Amar Sin [Single] (2010)
     * Raices (2010) download
Atargatis is a Symphonic Gothic Metal band from Regensburg, Germany, which was formed in 1997.

Atargatis scored a big success with the song "Angels Crying", which topped charts in Dark Metal Germany for ten months with more than 12,000 downloads.

Atargatis lyrics theme of nature, mystical and spiritual.


Stephanie Meier Luzie - Vocals (1997-Present)
Artur Vladinovskij - Guitar (2009-Present)
Lord Lornhold - Bass, Vocals (1997-Present)
Tialupa - Violin (2006-Present)
Jürgen "Shadrak" Bürsgens - Drums, Percussion (1997-Present)

Former Personnel:

Ernst "Azmo" Wurdak - Bass, Guitar (2005-2007, 2009)
Maximilian "Maxi" Schulz - Guitar (2008-2009)
Susanne Zisky - Violin (2006)
Florian "Sagoth" Ramsauer - Guitar
Margit E "Satyria" - Keyboard
Martin Buchmann - Guitar
Michael E - Bass, Vocals (1997)

Accurst from the Deep [EP] (2002)
Alba Gebraich [EP] (1999)
Divine Awakening [EP] (2004)
Wasteland (2006)
Nova (2007)
TBA (2010)

Download Mp3 Atargatis album Wasteland (2006)
Angels Crying download
Circle of Life download
Cradle of Fern download
Desert download
Eden download
My Solace download
Selina download
Through the Mists of Oblivion download
Wasteland download

Download mp3 Atargatis album Nova (2007)
Balance download
Comets download
Crucified download
Deliverance download
Ebon Queen download
Fever Of Temptation download
Firebird download
Frozen Innocence download
Riven download
Stars Are Falling download
The Marching Of The Fey download
Watermight download
When The Ice Breaks download
 Seven Dark Eyes is Power Gothic Metal band from Belluno / Treviso, Veneto, Italy, which was formed by Matteo "Pondro" De Mori (bass) and Luca Bulf (guitar) in April 2002.

Seven Dark Eyes terinspirsi of Gothic Metal bands such as Lacuna Coil and The Gathering. Seven Dark Eyes lyrics theme of darkness, desire, and dreams.

Seven Dark Eyes debut album, "Across Oneiric Lands", recorded by producer Tony Fontò and Nick Savio in 2006 in remastered Studios, Vicenza (Italy). Consisting of 9 songs with a total of about 45 minutes.

Album Across Oneiric  Lands achieve success among the fans of Gothic Metal, so the Seven Dark Eyes signed a contract with the label "Underground Symphony".

Seven Dark Eyes has also appeared in several major festivals such as Sunvalley in Rock and Badia Rocks with some great bands like Extrema, White Skull, Raintime, End of Green, Rising Fear, Necrodeath, Brainstorm, and Elvenking.

 Seven Dark Eyes personnel are members of IMIsound (Independent Musicians from Italy).


     * Elena Signoriello - Vocal
     * Fabio Perucchini - Guitar, Vocals
     * Massimo "Max" Cassol [Hollow Haze] - Bass
     * Simone Scardanzan [Hollow Haze] - Keyboard
     * Thomas Manfroi - Drums
Former Personnel:

     * Chiara Viel - Vocal
     * Mary Donadel [Electrojem, Sir Monkey, SBILFS, Violence] - Vocal
     * Monica "Momo" Calvieri [Time] - Vocal
     * Luca Bulf - Guitar
     * Matteo "Pondro" De Mori [Delirium X Tremens] - Bass
     * Christian Tibolla - Keyboard

Across Oneiric Lands (2008) download

Theatre Of Tragedy Band

Theatre of Tragedy is a Gothic Metal / Death Metal / Doom Metal band from Stavanger, Norway, formed in 1993 with initial name "Suffering Grief".

After creating their first song, "Lament of the Perishing Roses", the band changed its name to "La Reine Noir" and then "Theatre of Tragedy".

Originally Theatre of Tragedy is a Death Metal / Doom Metal band. Theatre of Tragedy became one of the first bands who add vocal soprano voice of women in the genre of Death Metal and Doom Metal.

Theatre of Tragedy also gives a lot of influence in the genre of Gothic Metal, combining male vocalist growl voice (vocal Death Metal or Black Metal) and the sound of her soprano vocals (clean voice).

Lyric Theatre of Tragedy theme about love, life, modern gothic, technology, beauty and darkness.

In the winter of 2004 / 2005, Theatre of Tragedy brief tour with Pain, Sirenia and Tiamat.

On March 1, 2010, Theatre of Tragedy announced that they will be disbanded on October 2, 2010, after 17 years of working together.

Raymond István Rohonyi - Vocals, Programming (1993-2010)
Nell Sigland - Vocals (2004-2010)
Frank Claussen - Guitar (1997-2010)
Vegard K. Thorsen - Guitar (1999-2010)
Lorentz Aspen [Ex. Therion] - Keyboard, Piano (1993-2010)
Hein Frode Hansen - Drums (1993-2010)

Former Personnel:
Liv Kristine Krull Espenæs [Leaves' Eyes] - Vocals (1993-2003)
Pål Bjåstad - Guitar (1993-1995)
Tommy Lindal - Guitar (1993-1997)
Geir Flikkeid - Guitar (1995-1997)
Tommy Olsson - Guitar (1997-1999)
Eirik T. Saltrø - Bass (1993-2000)
Theatre of Tragedy (1995) download
Der Tanz der Schatten (1996)
Velvet Darkness They Fear (1996) download
A Rose for the Dead [EP] (1997) download
Aégis (1998) download
Virago [EP] (1999)
Musique (2000) download
Inperspective [EP] (2000) download
Closure: Live (2001) download
Assembly (2002) download
Storm (2006) download
Forever Is the World (2009) download
Addenda [EP] (2010) download

Password : isadown

Epica band

Epica is Progressive Metal / Gothic Metal / Symphonic Metal band from the Netherlands which was founded in 2002 by guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen after the exit of After Forever with the name Sahara Dust. The name was inspired by the album Epica Kamelot, "Epica".

Epica describe their music is a bridge between Power Metal and Gothic Metal. The music is aggressive, bombastic with some songs that epic, grand and majestic. Epica also known to have progressive tendencies, while the Gothic atmosphere and sentimentality is also present in their music.

Epica is also known to use the chorus and orchestra (composed of two men, six women, a string orchestra, three violins, two violas, two cellos, and double bass), with additional decoration such as spoken word recitals and lyrics in Latin and Arabic.

Their debut album, The Phantom Agony, was produced by Sascha Paeth (known for having produced bands like Angra, Rhapsody of Fire and Kamelot) and was released in late 2003.

The second album Consign to Oblivion (2005), influenced by the culture of the Mayan civilization.

In 2005 and 2006 Epica toured throughout North America with Kamelot, April 2008 with Into Eternity and Symphony X.

Simone Simons - Mezzo Soprano Vocals (2003-Present)
Mark Jansen - Vocals, Rhythm (2002-Present)
Isaac Delahaye - Guitar (2009-Present)
Yves huts - Bass (2002-Present)
Coen Janssen - Synthesizer, Piano (2002-Present)
Arien van Weesenbeek - Drums (2006-Present)

Former Personnel:
Helena Iren Michaelsen - Vocals Soprano (2002-2003)
Jeroen Simons - Drums (2002-2006)
Ad Sluijter - Guitar (2002-2008)

Discography :
The Phantom Agony (2003) download
Consign to Oblivion (2005) download
The Divine Conspiracy (2007) download
Design Your Universe (2009) download
1.     Why Not Me
2.     Shot In The Dark
3.     In The Middle Of The Night
4.     Faster
5.     Fire And Ice
6.     Iron
7.     Where Is The Edge
8.     Sinéad
9.     Lost
10.   Murder
11.   A Demon’s Fate
12.   Stairway To The Skies
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Band : Flag of Hate
Title : Diantara Kegelapan (acoustic version)
Genre :  gothic black metal
country : indonesian
album :
Download Mp3 Flag of Hate - Diantara Kegelapan
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Band : Flag of Hate
Title/song :  Tale From The Dark Side
Gernre : gothic black metal
Country : indonesian
Album :
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Band : Flag of Hate
Title/song :  Eternal Madness
Genre : gothic black metal
Country : indonesian
Album :
Download Mp3 Flag of Hate - Eternal Madness
Flag Of Hate is a Gothic/Metal band from South Jakarta, Indonesia. Formed in March 2006 with new line-up:

Wild (The Beast Growl/Scream)

Adie (The Rhythm 6 Strings)

Mizthree (The Keys/Female Voice)

Jeppy (The Beat),

 Teke' (The Lead 6 Strings)

About Flag of Hate : 

Their influences are Nightwish, Cradle Of Filth, Abigail Williams, Evanescence, Within Temptation, etc.
 Flag Of Hate is the band's gothic / metal from South Jakarta. Formed in March 2006. By the early formation, Wild (The beast Growl / Scream), Adie (The Rhythm 6 string), C'dick (The Low 4 Strings) and Popo (The Beat) by genre Dark / Nu Metal. But several months later, because in a sense there is less sound. Flag Of Hate then decided to recruit Mizthree (The Keys / Female Voice) to add elements of synth sounds, piano, strings and weird effects and Thobenk (The Lead 6 Strings) to add the element of melody. With this formation, Flag Of Hate successfully won several band festival in Jakarta. But at the end of 2007, Thobenk decided to quit because of busy life in college. Guitar positions were replaced by Popo and Drum position replaced by Jeppy (Compatriot) that makes sound Flag Of Hate to be the more quickly follow the beat of the bass drum. At this point Flag Of Hate decide to change the genre into Gothic / Metal.

With the growing breadth of influence of each personnel, is created masterpieces such as the Tale from the Dark Side, Eternal Madness, Diantara Kegelapan and Flag Of Hate's other songs. With this formation, Flag Of Hate successfully reached the Top 100 bands of Jakarta in the "LA Lights Indiefest 2008". After a lot of events featuring the event in Jakarta and Depok. Flag Of Hate also been featuring in the event "A Mild Live Wanted "in Bogor.

Flag Of Hate The struggle has not ended, in mid-year 2009 positions Popo replaced by Teke' (Forgen) are increasingly making sound Flag Of Hate to be very unusual in exploring the character and skill that is much better than before. They tried to incorporate the piano clinking sound dark, gloomy gothic strings with elements of the magnificent orchestra, and voices of women in Collaborate with thunderous roar of male voices of anger, hatred, death, which can heat the cold atmosphere in the match by a thick guitar sound, full-speed tempo power and cuts the strings melody that makes the sound become very high quality and character. Having undergone several personnel changes, the position C'dick who resigned in late April 2010, replaced temporarily by Franz (Death Of Authority).

Flag Of Hate spirit will continue to flare accompanying the indie scene Gothic / Metal Indonesia!

Contact : 
Jl. Kertamukti Pisangan Barat, Cirendeu - Ciputat.
Booking Contact :
- 021 996 193 77 (Adie)
- 0856 178 2718 (Mizthree)
Email :
[email protected]

Song :
1. Eternal Madness
2. Tale From The Dark Side (Top 100 bands Jakarta "LA Lights Indiefest 2008)
3. Diantara Kegelapan (acoustic version)